Aimer Gets Her Wish! EGOIST’S chelly and Aimer to Collaborate for the ED of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress!

When the J-Network team interviewed Aimer during AFASG15, she was asked which artiste, if any, she would collaborate with if she had a chance. Her reply? “I do love the vocals of ONE OK ROCK and EGOIST and really would like to collaborate with them if given the chance.” When the promotional video for upcoming anime Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress was released on 17 March 2016, it was revealed that Aimer and EGOIST’S chelly would be collaborating together for the anime’s ED, a song called ninelie.

The news of their collaboration was also broken via Twitter, with Aimer tweeting “This is Aimer. On May 11, the new single, ninelie will be released. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress‘s ED, which will be ninelie, is a song collaboration with composer Hiroyuki Sawano (澤野弘之) and the vocals of EGOIST’s chelly.”


EGOIST’s chelly then retweeted it, while also adding: “Aimer-san opening a new door for me with her gentle hand supporting was something I cherished. I too greatly thank you 2 (Aimer and Hiroyuki Sawano)… and wish swift success to this collaboration for everyone.”


The anime’s official website also features comments by the contributing parties (Aimer, chelly and Hiroyuki Sawano) regarding their thoughts about the collaboration. Aimer’s thoughts regarding the project were that it made her “very happy to have my small wish granted of collaborating with the owner of such a beautiful voice, chelly-san”, and that it “has been an honour to be able to work on this production”.

EGOIST’S chelly commented that it “has been a dream to have been able to make music together with the respected Aimer-san. Ending the recording with the other collaborating artists-san, is like knowing and remembering the tension and challenges of our debut, and then moving forward with that in mind. Seeing Aimer-san singing before me, envelops me in her quiet warmth. I think this is something I am capable of, a similar but different “warmth”, a truly honest style of singing. Please do listen to it.”

The composer of ninelie, Hiroyuki Sawano, had this to say: “It’s thanks to this production, hearing Aimer-san’s and chelly-san’s extraordinary vocals along with the process of music production made this a very meaningful experience.”

The anime Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress will be produced by Wit Studio, who are also known for titles such as Attack on Titan, and will be released on 8 April 2016. It will also be available for streaming via Amazon Prime, although it is only confirmed at this time to be available to US and Japan members. The single, ninelie, is currently available for preorder, and will be released on 11 May 2016.


Anime News Network

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Official Website

Collaborating Artistes’ Twitter Accounts

~gloo and gamerisdc

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