Fans choose the most powerful kids in anime and manga!

CHARAPEDIA has once again concluded its findings for a recent character poll, which saw 10,000 fans voting for who they believe is the most powerful child in anime and manga. Notably, the voters went beyond the generic definition of ‘powerful’ as in fighting prowess and also looked at other aspects of character such as determination and psychological strength. Needless to say, the results proved to be quite surprising with characters from older hit anime taking the top spots!

20. Aladdin [Magi] (104 votes)

19. Trunks [Dragonball Z] (109 votes)

18. Baby Beel [Beelzebub] (112 votes)

17. Child Emperor [One-Punch Man] (125 votes)

16. Reborn [Katekyou Hitman Reborn!] (127 votes)

15. Wendy Marvell [Fairy Tail] (129 votes)

14. Kagura [Gintama] (137 votes)

13. Son Goten [Dragon Ball] (153 votes)

12. Illyasviel von Einzbern [Fate/stay night] (167 votes)

11. Son Goku [Dragon Ball] (195 votes)

10. Killua Zoldyck [Hunter x Hunter] (200 votes)

9. Shinnosuke Nohara [Crayon Shin-chan] (206 votes)

8. Sakura Kinomoto [Cardcaptor Sakura] (207 votes)

7. Takeshi Goda [Doraemon] (211 votes)

6. Gon Freecss [Hunter x Hunter] (223 votes)

5. Satoshi [Pokemon] (232 votes)

4. Conan Edogawa [Detective Conan] (269 votes)

3. Arale Norimaki [Dr. Slump Arare-chan] (282 votes)

2. Nanoha Takamachi [Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha] (294 votes)

So, who is the anime world’s strongest child, as voted by CHARAPEDIA users? Once again, we will note the common trends and list them down.

  1. Starred in a shonen anime series for most of the listed characters
  2. Mentally strong and possess strong beliefs in the power of friendship and teamwork
  3. Starred in classic anime series (most of the listed characters would be familiar to fans of 90s-early 2000’s anime)
  4. Have awesome powers at their disposal

With these trends in mind, who is the anime realm’s strongest child?

  1. Son Gohan [Dragon Ball] (322 votes)

Compared to his runner-up, the eponymous Nanoha of one of the most famous magical girl franchises, San Gohan certainly had a landslide victory with a difference of over 20 votes! Considering who he grows up to become in the Dragon Ball series, perhaps him topping this poll is no surprise.

Other observations that we had about this poll was that the majority of the characters who made it into this list are from classic and iconic anime with Dragon Ball taking multiple spots in this top 20. Detective Conan and Doraemon’s characters also made it into this list. We did however, expect some characters such as Baby Beel and Sakura to rank higher. Nonetheless, it was unexpected that the White Devil, Nanoha, would be the runner-up in this poll. Satoshi, better known as Ash to Western fans and the sole entry from the Pokemon franchise, also took us by surprise.

With all kinds of interesting questions being formulated by the CHARAPEDIA team every now and then, we are certainly looking forward to the next character-related poll!



Featured image screencapped from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Episode 11

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