Interview with Suzuko Mimori – “If I wasn’t a seiyuu, teaching English might have been my first option”

Well-known for her voice acting roles from various anime series, such as Detective Opera Milky Holmes, Love Live! School Idol Project, and Cardfight!! Vanguard, as well as her singing career, Suzuko Mimori, commonly known as “Mimorin“, was recently in Singapore as one of the guests for Anime Festival Asia’s “I Love Anisong P’s Live” concert in 2015. On Day 2 of Anime Festival Asia 2015, the J-Network crew was allowed the honour of interviewing the artiste. Below is a transcription of the interview for your viewing pleasure.

Question: You play the role of Sonoda Umi from Love Live! School Idol Project, could you tell us the experience of the recording?

Mimorin: It has been already 6 years since I had voiced the role and slowly as time passes by, I feel that me and Umi is becoming one person or entity.


Question: Aside from being a seiyuu, you also take part on the Cardfight!! Vanguard stage play. How do you feel about acting beyond being just the voice for the character?

Mimorin: I feel that it does not really matter as both got to do with acting, as my role is to put in more life to the character itself. Furthermore, the Cardfight!! Vanguard stage is in January, it is still up and coming and it’s something that I work towards, thus I feel that for the stage, the difference is I have to use my whole self to bring out the character in the stage play.


Question: Shipping is a big thing in the Love Live!  community worldwide. Since you voice Umi, who do you ship her with?

Mimorin: Hmm..  For a whole group that has 9 people, which is an odd number, someone would definitely be left out. I feel that Umi is quite the character that enjoys being alone, but if I really have to choose someone to ship with, that will be Honoka, as for Honoka, when Umi is with her, Umi can actually revert back to when she was a small child. They both can grow up together to become high schoolers.


Question: Please tell us about your 5th single “Light for Knight”.  What would you do if you became a knight just for one day?

Mimorin: So since I’m a girl, I don’t really want to be a knight, but I’m hoping that one day my knight will appear. But if I am a knight, I will probably be helping out and saving cute girls. For my previous singles, my songs are more feminine and cute. However, the songs recorded for this single will be more on the cool and suave side, therefore I hope fans can look out for the difference in the songs from the single.


Light for Knight Album Cover. Image taken from

Question: With the release of your second live show, “Fun Fun Fantastic Funfair”, I will like to congratulate you on that. What would you like to do in your next live?

Mimorin: Erm.. This time round for the live, I feel that it is not really a live, but more for a show performance, as I danced, sang and acted as a seiyuu. Therefore for the next time round, I hope to try something similar and hope you guys can look out for that.


Question: How do you feel about performing in groups and solo? Is there like any different opinion?

Mimorin: For the group performance, as there are many members, we can help and support each other. With everyone singing together, I feel that I must try my best and not let everyone down. As I’m not really good with the talking segment (also known as MC in Japanese concert terms), I’m really grateful for support for performing in groups. For solo performances, it’s always myself on stage, thus I always tell myself that I must pull through the performance and be the strongest, as there is no one to rely on except for myself. On the other hand, solo performances are really fun as I can get all the solo attention as everyone is looking at me, which is the difference between performing in groups or solo.


Question: Since you voiced the female cardfighter, Kourin from the Cardfight!! Vanguard series, how do you feel about the role of female characters being portrayed in a traditional male-centric trading card game anime?

Mimorin: I feel that when I act as a different character, I don’t really look at which genre the anime belongs to, but more of the character itself. Kourin is quite a cool and mysterious girl, so I feel that among the male-dominated characters in the anime, it will be great if fans can look out for the coolness and the mysterious character of Kourin.


Question: If you do not want to be a seiyuu and a singer, what do you want to be?

Mimorin: If I wasn’t a seiyuu, dancer, musical actress or a singer, I would have become an English teacher, because I majored in English when I was in university, so with that, I will continue on, finish my studies, then graduate and someday I will be an English teacher.


Question: Your special CD, “Happy Happy Christmas”, will be releasing on December 2015. Could you share some information about the single itself?

Mimorin: It’s my first Christmas song which I got to sing and I’m really excited about the whole single as well. I feel that if the fans could actually link it to Christmas, it will be my “Happy Happy Christmas” when fans think of the festive season. In this way, I feel that the song can be a representative for Christmas in the fans’ hearts and it will be something that is really great. Furthermore, with that feeling, I can put that feeling into the making of the single and I feel that the song really fits the Christmas atmosphere. Finally, I hope that not only in Japan, fans in Singapore can show support to the single!


Question: Since it’s Christmas, do you have any Christmas wishes to your family, friends and fans as well?

Mimorin: This year’s Christmas is not really a Christmas, but the festive season will happen more on 30th December 2015, as there is a huge show called the Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2015, which is something that represents the New Year’s in Japan. For the first time μ’s will have the opportunity to perform in this show and I hope that it will be a successful performance. Also, from now on, not only as a part of μ’s, I hope my solo career will flourish as well and I will like that wish to set across.


Question: Who are your favourite artiste/actors and who would you like to work with for seiyuus/musicals?

Mimorin: For my favourite artiste that I will actually look up to, it will be this band called Judy and Mary, with the lead singer Yuki. I think they sang “Sobakasu”, which was used in the first opening of Rurouni Kenshin. I feel that Yuki is very cute and within her, she is irreplaceable as I really look up to the lead singer very much, therefore I feel that is there’s someone who can be like her, it will be really great. For the collaboration, I wanted to try something which is out of the norm, not the usual collaboration which is done up to now, which is collaborating with an orchestra, as there’s a lot of musical sounds inside an orchestra ensemble, such as strings, so I feel that if I actually get to do a collaboration with an orchestra, like those really famous orchestra out there, maybe something like an opera, then that would be something really delightful.


The interview with Suzuko Mimori was definitely enlightening, as it offered us an insight into the mind of someone who is a seiyuu, singer and stage actress combined! We would like to sincerely thank her for this interview opportunity and hope to see more from this artiste in future events!

Featured image credits to JunWei

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