Utada Hikaru to sing NEWS ZERO ending theme this spring!

The legendary J-Pop singer, Utada Hikaru, is set to be back in the music scene this spring with a new song! Best known for providing the hit theme songs, Simple and Clean, Passion and Sanctuary for the internationally popular Kingdom Hearts role-playing game series, this is definitely one comeback that fans of J-Pop will want to take note of!

Utada Hikaru will be providing the ending theme song to Nihon Terebi (NNN)’s NEWS ZERO television programme. At the moment, not much with regards to the song has been announced save for its debut date. Her new song will debut on the pilot episode of NEWS ZERO on 4 April, less than a month from now.

Coincidentally, on 4 April 2016, her song for the NHK Morning Drama (asadora)Toto Nee-chan will also debut! 4 April 2016 seems to indeed be the date for Hikki fans to look out for!

Other Japanese artistes who have provided ending theme songs for NEWS ZERO include Mr Children and DREAMS COME TRUE. We are definitely looking forward to hearing what this new song would sound like!



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