Lantis Uploads Preview Tracks for Kensho Ono To Reveal His “Colors”

Just today, record label Lantis‘ official YouTube channel has uploaded a sneak preview of up-and-coming seiyuu-singer Kensho Ono‘s latest mini-album titled “COLORS“, which will be on sale later this month on the 23rd of March. The mini-album will have six tracks, and Lantis has revealed that the regular edition will cost 2,000 yen while the limited edition, which comes with DVD and music videos, will cost 2,500 yen.

The 26-year old Kensho Ono‘s second mini-album, titled “COLORS“, will be released this month.

Fans and listeners who have followed the two-year-old music career of the young 26-year old artiste will notice an improvement in his singing, thus making him one singers to look out for. His vocals have also started to develop its own unique colour to it (pardon our wordplay). For the uninitiated, Kensho Ono is well-known as the voice behind lead protagonist Kuroko Tetsuya in the popular Kuroko no Basuke anime series, and he has also sung the opening theme, “STORY“, to the anime series accompanying new Bushiroad trading card game Luck & Logic. Kensho Ono has also won the Best New Artist award in the 2014 JpopAsia Music Awards.

Want to hear more of Kensho Ono‘s true colours? Do grab a copy of his mini-album “COLORS” this month while you can!

Sources taken from official Lantis YouTube channel and The Hand That Feeds.

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