Pokemon Sun and Moon Confirmed for Late 2016!

February’s Nintendo Direct or rather, Pokemon Direct, had just concluded and within the short six minutes with The Pokemon Company CEO and producer of Pokemon, Tsunekazu Ishihara going on air. Big news regarding our favorite virtual critters was released! Not a big surprise, considering that this year is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon as we know it.

Starting off with a truly old-school intro video shown on a classic Gameboy, Ishihara appeared on screen, speaking live from the Pokemon Centre in Brooklyn, USA. Following a brief promotional video montage commemorating 20 great years of Pokemon training all over the world, we were treated revealed news of a brand new generation of Pokemon!



As expected after the numerous leaks many may have seen recently, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were officially announced, and is slated for release ‘this holiday 2016’ in eight languages –  English, Italian, Spanish, Korean, French, German, Japanese and Chinese! Chinese Trainers will also be able to choose from simplified or traditional Chinese as well.

From the concept art of a large white building and plaza shown, this new game appears to feature luxurious resort-like zone! Aside from this quick glimpse of the in-game environment, no other details have been released about this new entry to the series.


Digital distributions (via the Virtual Console) of the original Red, Blue and Yellow versions of Pokemon would also be available on the Nintendo eShop starting tomorrow, with the Green version being a Japan-exclusive product. And, there’s more – these digital distributions would take advantage of the Pokemon Bank storage service introduced along with Pokemon X and Y so that you can bring over your Pokemon from your digital copies of the first-gen games to your new-gen games!

With that said, this is definitely an exciting year for Pokemon, what with the much-hyped Pokemon Go being released this year as well. It seems that there is still much more we can expect from the series! For those who missed the broadcast, you can watch it here.


Source: Pokemon Direct 26/2

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