Expectations Of A Hit Anisong Artist! : An Interview with May’n

Anisong hit artist May’n certainly had a spectacular 2015, no doubt in part due to it being the 10th anniversary of her starting her music career. Most known for her memorable anisong titles “DIAMOND CREVASSE , the first ending theme for Macross Frontier“Chase the world”, the opening theme for Accel World and “Kyo ni Koi-iro” (今日に恋色), the opening theme for Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha, May’n is also known to be a sporting event-goer who is often seen on the guestlist for a myriad of events across Asia! Having attended many major anime events in 2015 like Animax Carnival 2015 Malaysia in March 2015 and Bangkok Comic Con X Anime Festival Asia Thailand 2015, J-Network is very fortunate to have been able to interview May’n during one of her many event appearances – Anime Festival Asia 2015 in Singapore where she also performed as a guest artiste for the I Love Anisong concert.

The interview is transcripted below for your reading pleasure:

Q: What are your feelings towards your upcoming 10th anniversary concert and what are your feelings towards your fans who were there to support you during your Budokan concert?

May’n: In 2015, I welcomed my 10th anniversary and between 2014 and 2015 I actually went on my world tour. One of the stops for this tour was actually in Singapore! I was really happy to be able to meet all of my supportive fans once again and felt that it was a huge accomplishment. As for the 10th anniversary concert, it was decided to be held at Budokan to make it feel more grand as it is indeed a huge accomplishment to be celebrated. I am very thankful that I was able to have my anniversary concert at Budokan and I feel like all my hard work and effort have been rewarded when I see the reactions of the fans during my performances.

Q: Who/what was your inspiration for when you first started out in the music industry?

May’n: When I was little, I listened to and watched Amuro Namie* (*a multitalented Japanese artiste once known as the Teen Queen) and this made me decide to go with singing as a career as I wanted to be able to reach others with my voice, very much like how Amuro Namie did it. Even today, I strive to achieve this goal by working hard to make my fans happy.

Q: It has been announced that you would be giving your voice to the anime Aquarion Logos yet again – what are your feelings about the song that you can share with us?

May’n: I feel that the song reminds me a lot of my own daily life experiences, and relates well with the characters in the anime. It is a really expressive song as it sings about the lives of the anime characters and I feel that I also share something in common with those characters. The song also represents my wish to aim for further heights in my career and I hope it will help me achieve this sentiment.

May'N watermarked 3

Q) You have been a regular I Love Anisong concert artiste since 2008. Which AFA did you like the most and why?

May’n: It is really difficult for me to choose one single favourite year as every year AFA represents different anime and has their own specific anime that the event is featuring! But if I had to choose, it would be last year’s (2014) I Love Anisong as the fans were calling my name before the concert. They were chanting “May! May! May!” just right before my performance, and that experience made me feel that my hard work had been recognised by the fans. I also regard Singapore as my second home now as I have visited the country many times, and find the people here very lovable!

Q) What are some challenges you’ve faced as a singer?

May’n: In spring last year, I got hospitalised due to some issues with my throat but luckily, I managed to get better and was able to come for AFA 2014 in Singapore. Because of this, I felt very lucky and reflected on my actions – I regretted not taking care of my health more carefully and this event made me think of what I wanted to do in the future. It was then that I decided to take care of myself better so I won’t get sick and can spend more time preparing music for my fans all over the world!

Q) What motivates you to continue singing Anisong?

May’n: The number one reason has to be that this is the channel through which I get to meet so many of my oversea fans. That’s why I want to continue singing Anisong – so that I can continue meeting more of my fans! The first time I went overseas, both for professional reasons and personally, was actually in 2008 for I Love Anisong. The turnout for my local performances in Japan was always good, but I feel happy that I have fans overseas, and I feel very thankful for my fans being there for me!

Q) Do you like anime? If you do, what are the anime that you like?

May’n: I like all the anime I contributed my voice to and I always watch all of them. Other than that, though, I like THE IDOLM@STER! I feel like the May’n that exists now is a product of all of my participation in anime, and I hope that I can learn more from them myself. I like the Cinderella Girls spinoff of THE IDOLM@STER most because I feel like I can relate to the girls in the anime with their experiences. In the music industry, there are times when you can feel really happy about your successes, but there were also times when I felt like crying because I was just so stressed. So, I feel like I can relate to the troubles and happy times the girls in Cinderella Girls go through – it’s my favorite anime.

Q) What is the most memorable song you have ever sang?

May’n: The song DIAMOND CREVASSE is the most memorable song I have sang to date, as it was during the period of time when I changed my artiste name to May’n and I feel like that song gave me a new start in my music career. Thanks to this song’s popularity, I got the opportunity to travel the world to attend events like AFA Singapore 2008. These world tours also gave me a chance to see my overseas fans. All these experiences are connected to DIAMOND CREVASSE as it was the very song that gave me the chance to do so many amazing things. It will probably be the most memorable song I have performed in my life.

Even though she’s effectively a regular at AFA now, May’n always brings something new to the table every time she comes! We look forward to seeing more from her, and perhaps she will be returning this year as well!

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