WEAVER Set To Release New 「Night Rainbow」 Album 10/2!

Known for their unique ‘piano rock’ music style, the boyishly charming band WEAVER is set to release their new album entitled Night Rainbow」on the 10th February, just in time for Valentine’s Day with their beautifully penned lyrics expressing the most sentimental emotions vividly, as does the title of the album.

This album contains twelve songs, nine of which are brand-new! You can listen to the crossfade which includes short, pretty MVs for each and every song above. Below is the full track-list! The new songs are marked with an asterisk.

1. Overture*
2. You*
3. くちづけDiamond (rom: Kuchizuke Diamond) (The opening theme for 2015 anime Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches)
4. さよならと言わないで* (rom: Sayonara to Iwanaide)
5. クローン* (Clone)
6. KOKO* (This will be performed as the ending for TV Tokyo broadcast event Premier MelodiX!)
7. マーメイド* (Mermaid)
8. Beloved (The theme song of 2015 drama movie Raia no Inori)
9. Welcome!*
10. Boys & Girls (The theme song of the TBS Relay Road Race)
11. Life*
12. Hello Goodbye*

This first limited edition of the album will also include a DVD for their most recent national tour, WEAVER HALL TOUR 2015 Still Boys & Girls ~Sing Like Dancing In Our Hall~. For the benefit of the band’s fans, here are the songs which are included! These performances were all recorded in NHK Hall.

1. Shine
2. トキドキセカイ (rom: Tokidoki Sekai)
3. 愛のカタチ (rom: Ai no Katachi)
4. Happiness ~ふたりは今も~ (rom: Happiness ~Futari wa ima mo~)
5. blue bird
6. 僕らの永遠~何度生まれ変わっても、手を繋ぎたいだけの愛だから~ (rom: Bokura no eien ~nando umarekawattemo, te wo tsunagitaidakeno ai dakara~)
7. 泣きたいくらい幸せになれるよ (rom: Nakitai kurai shiawase ni nareruyo)
8. クローン (Clone)
9. さよならと言わないで (rom: Sayonara to Iwanaide)
10. Beloved
11. Boys & Girls
12. Hard to say I love you ~言い出せなくて~ (rom: Hard to say I love you ~Iidasenakute~)
13. 夢じゃないこの世界 (rom: Yume janai kono Sekai)
14. Shall we dance
15. Free will
16. くちづけDiamond (rom: Kuchizuke Diamond)
En 1. こっちを向いてよ (rom: Kocchi wo muiteyo)
En 2. Welcome!


The limited edition album (containing the DVD special) will be going for ¥3900  (product code: AZZS-43)  and ¥2,700 for the standard edition (product code: AZCS-1053) on Tower Records and their official goods page, including tax for both.


Featured image credits to the official WEAVER Facebook page
Video credits to A-SKETCH
Image credits to the official WEAVER Twitter

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