Urobuchi Gen’s “Thunderbolt Fantasy” to Air in Summer 2016

From a novel collaboration between Japanese and Taiwanese media production firms comes “Thunderbolt Fantasy Tourikenyuuki” (The Journey of the East-Leaving Blade) – penned by the renowned Urobuchi Gen of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and PSYCHO-PASS fame.

Making an exotic entry into the realm of “Bu Dai Xi” (布袋戲; Glove Puppetry), designers of Nitroplus combined efforts with Taiwanese Glove Puppet specialists from Pili International Multimedia – creators of the most popular puppet shows in Taiwan – to form this miraculous collaboration.

Screenplay writer for well known shows in Japan such as “PSYCHO-PASS“, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica“, “Kamen Rider Gaimu” and the movie “Expelled From Paradise“, Urobuchi Gen was also revealed to be the scriptwriter for the Thunderbolt Fantasy Project.

Below are the translated comments of Urobuchi Gen regarding his thoughts on the project:

“In a world filled with great films – such that it became a popular topic, knowing the beauty of motions emulated through objects, this world filled with skill and craftsmanship brought us ‘Bu Dai Xi’.
I wonder why this never caught the attention of Japan.
I felt that it was a pity that it was not so. I thought it was fantastic.

When I personally encountered “Bu Dai Xi”, I was awed – and felt excitement from it. And just when I thought that it would be great to introduce this splendid new thing to everyone in Japan – I thankfully obtained a chance to be part of that idea.

Firmly, I hope this production would be seen as something novel and exhilarating. Beginning with this production, “Bu Dai Xi” makes its arrival in Japan, and I would be glad to share this excitement with as many as possible.”

Nendoroid and figma manufacturer Good Smile Company was also announced to be lending its expertise as as a puppet creation adviser.

Fusing the qualities of traditional Taiwanese culture, and the Japanese literary culture – “Thunderbolt Fantasy” truly offers something which has been up until now unprecedented. The first preview trailer had since received significant attention from Taiwanese web surfers.

The project’s estimated broadcast season in Japan was revealed through the project’s official twitter on 6th February 2016.

There are plans to reveal more details on the project during AnimeJapan 2016, which will be held in late March this year.

~ Kuuin
Translations by Kuuin
Source: Thunderbolt Fantasy Project
Images © Thunderbolt Fantasy Project

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