“Miitomo”, Nintendo’s First Smartphone App to Begin Global Pre-release Registrations Starting 17th Feb

Back in 29th October last year during a management policy explanatory meeting, Nintendo revealed their plans to make their entrance into smartphone apps market – the very first which is to manifest as “Miitomo” which Nintendo announced to be releasing on March this year.

For those unfamiliar with what “Miitomo” does: The app is planned to have users assume customize-able avatars named “Mii”s – similiar to those that appear in the Wii and Wii U. As what the name of the app suggests (considering “tomo” which means friend in Japanese), one of the aims of the app is to allow the user to make friends. How this works is that the user’s “Mii” will ask the user a number of questions – the answers will then be compared with that of the others’ Miis. Players sharing similar opinions will be safely registered as friends.

Miitomo” aims to be highly accessible to all types of people through its special communication system of “Making up Topics”. Contrary to what many might already believe with the above in mind, users will not spark the conversations themselves, but will have their Miis do so of their own accord – this is the unique feature of “Miitomo“. As such “Miitomo” is made highly accessible to even the most reserved in speech. While a user may not be speaking as themselves, the app would enable them to get to questions where they really want to answer (which are often subconsciously so) – and allow them to discover any interesting ideas that their friends have which might be pleasantly, by coincidence, the same as their own.

According to Nintendo’s announcement yesterday, of the pre-release registrations, “Miitomo” will involve in-app purchases, but will implement a “Free to Start” scheme as it aims to include as many players as possible around the world.


The recent announcement had also revealed one of the features of the app “Mii Photo” which will allow the user to create images which include the user’s Mii. The image can then be shared across social networks.


The pre-release registrations beginning 17th Feb for “Miitomo” will be conducted in all 16 countries* prepared for the initial release including Japan – and will be available in eight different languages .

Miitomo” will be made available for the iOS and Android smartphone systems.

~ Kuuin

Available languages: Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian

*These countries include: Japan, America, Canada, Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Holland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand

Source: Nintendo

All Images © Nintendo

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