Eir Aoi Delivers Her Powerful Voice in Her 1st Solo Concert In Singapore


On the 8th January at 10:26 am (Japan time), Eir Aoi posted a picture showing her flight time and flight number on her official Facebook page. Her flight was due to leave at 10:45 am (Japan time) later that day. By 4:30 pm (Singapore time), a small group of fans were already waiting outside Terminal 2 Belt 32 at Changi Airport to meet and greet her, including members of the Singapore branch of her fan club, EirLandSG. One of its members was even seen giving her a EirLandSG club T-Shirt.

Our reporters arrived at 2 pm outside Hard Rock Cafe, Sentosa and 2 lines had formed, with one for General Admission and the other for VIPs. The members of EirLandSG had prepared a fan signed shirt, and asked fans to sign their dedications for Eir Aoi.

At 5 pm, the merchandise sales opened and fans who had camped for the merchandise were able to buy an autographed photobook, which was limited to 30. Also, the first 40 who bought the D’AZUR album got either an autographed D’AZUR poster or D’AZUR postcard of their choice.

Fans who bought at least 2 albums were able to get both the poster and postcard while those who bought all 4 albums on sale got an A2 sized D’AZUR promotional poster free.


The D’AZUR Promotional Poster. Image was taken by a member of the SG Club


A sample of an autographed D’AZUR postcard. Image taken by a member of the SG Club

Photo Book

The autographed photobook Monde D’AZUR on sale. Image was taken by a member of the SG Club

At 7 pm, the doors were opened and the fans entered the concert hall, eager to get a spot with a good view of the stage. After that, at 8 pm, the crowd went wild and cheers started from the general audience, which spread to the whole concert immediately, as the concert started with Awakening. It was then succeeded by INNOCENCE, which allowed us to hear her powerful voice, and followed by Cynthia no Hikari and Senkou Zenya.

During the next song, Senkou Zenya, Eir Aoi started clap along sessions during some parts of the song, to which fans enthusiastically responded by clapping and cheering as well, increasing the atmosphere of the concert.

After the first few songs, she did a small emcee session and interacted with her fans, and mentioned some of the highlights of her stay in Singapore, such as eating Din Tai Fung and chicken rice, as well as seeing the Merlion.

She then ended the emcee session with AURORA, a familiar song that most fans will know as the final opening of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, which was then followed up by HaNaZaKaRi and KASUMI. With the catchy beats and tunes of the two songs, it came as no surprise to us that fans cheered and waved their lightsticks while the two songs were played.

As no concert is complete without a slow song, Eir Aoi sang Kuroi Uta, which slowed the concert’s atmosphere down as fans waved their lightsticks gently. The hype slowly increased as she followed up with Gladius after that, and immediately peaked when the DJ did a slight but epic remix at the end of Gladius as she changed her clothes. Nearing the end of the song, the DJ started with “Si-Si-Singapore” and increased the tempo, followed by a beat drop that turned the whole crowd wild; a definite highlight of this great concert.

During her second emcee session, she mentioned about how she sweated a lot in the concert and told us how she felt about the concert herself. After that, she continued with the popular and familiar tunes such as Shoegazer, Sanbika, Sirius, Lapis Lazuli and Ignite. When Shoegazer started, everyone began cheering very loudly and the excitement in the room reached a fever pitch, which lasted until the concert ended.

As the concert ended, and the audience began clamoring for an encore, a chant rose which was different from the usual “Encoru”; fans began chanting “Ei-Ei-Ru“, which filled the whole concert hall. After that, both Eir Aoi and the DJ came back, waving the Singapore flag, which hyped the crowd up again. During the second last song, Cobalt Sky, everyone kept the atmosphere at its highest by waving the concert towel and eventually, the concert officially ended with MEMORIA, after a photo taking session.

Overall, this was an extremely exciting concert, be it the emcee sessions and remixes from the DJ, to the arrangement of the songs in the setlist, which kept us all very impressed and staying till the end. The variety of her songs, from her quick, upbeat and catchy tunes to ballads, was also another factor in keeping the crowd hyped up, as it played all of the familiar tunes first before playing songs which some of the fans might not be familiar with, thus stopping people from running out of energy.

★ Eir Aoi – Rock the World!! 2015 Singapore SETLIST★

1. Awakening
3. シンシアの光 (Cynthia no Hikari)
4. 閃光前夜 (Senkou Zenya)
6. HaNaZaKaRi
8. クロイウタ (Kuroi Uta)
9. Gladius
11. 虹の音 (Niji no Oto)
12. シューゲイザー (Shoegazer)
13. サンビカ (Sanbika)
14. シリウス (Sirius)
15. ラピスラズリ (Lapis Lazuli)

17. コバルト・スカイ (Cobalt Sky)

Photo credits

Members of Eir Aoi SG Fan Club


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