Rie fu to Perform Live In Singapore This Weekend!

This weekend, the lovely Rie Funakoshi, better known by her stage name Rie fu, will be performing live at The Substation Theatre concert venue in the sunny island of Singapore, as part of her ~Life is Like a Boat~ tour all over Asia!

This will be her third stop on the tour with a surprising twist: she will be collaborating with ex-members of a local band, Goodfellas! While the fact that she is collaborating with an English band is no big surprise considering that she is fluent in both English and Japanese, Singaporeans would know that having a big-name artiste collaborate with a local band is a big deal!

Among the songs Rie fu will be performing is, of course, Life is Like a Boat, one of the ending themes to the wildly popular shonen anime Bleach, along with Anata ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu wa which is one of the ending themes to D. Gray-man which, incidentally, is getting a new anime soon after its long hiatus!

As a musician, Rie fu definitely had an early start. Ever since she was a high school student in 2002, she had self-recorded songs she composed herself with her guitar and sent these demos over to Sony Records, being signed onto Palm Beach soon after. Life is Like a Boat was chosen to be the ending theme for the first season of Bleach despite it being an early song in her career as well, which helped to boost her career to even greater heights.


Quite unique for a Japanese artiste, Rie fu spent her childhood in Maryland and studied Fine Arts at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design of the University of the Arts London after graduating from high school in Japan, and is in fact still active as an artist under her real name. This contributed to her interesting bilingual style and Western elements in her songs, especially considering that she counts The Carpenters – the band that had taught her English – among her musical influences.

We at J-Network definitely look forward to seeing Rie fu and Goodfellas live this Saturday! If you haven’t gotten your ticket, you can get one here at the ticketing page.


Featured image credits to Rie fu’s official website

Image credits to Rie fu’s official Facebook page

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