AFA SG 2015: Presenting Ayana Taketatsu’s Reasons For Voice Acting! 

Ayana Taketatsu, the famed tsundere voice actress and singer known throughout the anime world was present at Asia’s largest anime event, Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015 held at Singapore’s Suntec City Convention Centre about a month ago. Due to her strong and powerful voice, she is often known to be voicing tsundere characters, and has seen major successes in some of these anime, as can be seen from her roles as Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto,  Leafa/Suguha from Sword Art Online, Kotori Itsuka from Date A Live! and Azusa Nakano from K-ON!, and many other well known characters from hit anime in the past years.

J-Network has been lucky enough to get the chance to get an interview with Taketatsu-san and shall be bringing readers the full experience as well as a platform to get to know her better. Taketatsu-san is certainly a voice actor and rising singer to look out for in the future!


1. Do you have a tsundere character?
Ans: I have two sides to myself, one of them is the one that the anime fans know me as, my tsundere characters. ( I usually act tsundere in front of my father.) For example, when my father was celebrating his birthday, I threw my gift for him to him rather than giving it to him properly. My other side is an honest and upright side.

2. How were you able to say your lines as Moussaka Kirino from Ore No Imouto with such passion?
Ans: Kirino is a middle school girl who is a massive otaku and loves to be in the 2D world. She does modelling work during the day, but her friends are people who dislike Otaku and have a bad impression of them.  At first, Kirino was really cold to Kyousuke Ni-chan, until he found out she was a closet otaku. The relationship between the siblings improve and she becomes sweeter and nicer to her brother and it becomes a warm sibling relationship. I felt that I wanted to bring out the warm sibling relationship. I am similar to Kirino in real life as I am an otaku myself.

3. Which character that you have voiced is your favorite and why?
Ans : It is difficult for me to decide. I love all of the characters I have thus  played and they have become a part of me. If I really had to choose,however, I would say Nakano Azusa (Azuyan) as the first event she played a live in was in Yokohama which could house 15000 fans and it was K-ON! related.

4. Aside from Tsundere characters, how do you audition for other characters that do not fit the tsundere archetype?
Answer: In real life, I am not as tsundere as the characters I voice. When auditioning for non- tsundere characters, I look into my heart, which stocks up personalities of different characters, then look into the kind of characters that I am playing, and play it accordingly to how I feel it should be acted.

5. Why did you want to become a seiyuu, and what are the fun parts of being one?
Ans: When I was in elementary school, I had a dream that I wanted to be a Seiyuu. At that age, I was already surrounded by manga belonging to my brother. My friends also liked Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon. One day, I found a book in the school library called how to be a seiyuu. This was when I found out that the seiyuu job actually existed and thought that “Being a seiyuu would be nice!” From then on, I decided that I wanted to become a seiyuu (thanks to the book). The fun part of being a seiyuu is that I am able to meet and play many different types of characters, a privilege that normal people don’t get.

6. Comparing your voice acting job and the job in the anisong and music industry , which one would you want to expand on more?
Answer: Both are very precious to me and I find it very difficult to pick one. I want to do both of these industries. Being a seiyuu is the main base of my work line, but becoming a singing seiyuu is something that was built upon my base as a seiyuu. Being able to sing as well allows me to connect and meet me with my fans. Singing different songs is a whole new experience compared to expressing myself as an anime character. I feel that I can express myself better during songs as well, thanks to the confidence that voice acting has given me.

The interview provided J-Network and other present media organisations with a good insight of her journey and experiences as a seiyuu and singer.

All images were taken by our photographers at J-Network


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