BACK ON Strikes Back, Our AFA SG2015 Interview

BACK ON, the J-Rock band behind some of the recent Mobile Suit Gundam songs, came back to Singapore for AFA SG2015 after having two showcases earlier this year, at Gundam Docks At Singapore and Chara Expo.

The J-Rock band started creating anime songs since 2006, with Air Gear‘s opening “Chain” being their 1st anime song, over the next 8 years they have sang over 20 songs related to anime and games, most notably for the Gundam Build Fighters series.

For the new fans, or those who don’t know much about BACK-ON, Kenji03 (standing most left) is the leader, main vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the group. Teeda (standing 2nd most left) is the group’s rapper and back up vocalist, Shu (standing 2nd most right) is the guitarist and Gori (standing most right) is the bassist.


Q: What is the idea behind the band name BACK-ON?

Kenji03: One of our senior band group, RIZE, band members named Jessie helped them to think of their band name – BACK-ON to represent their exclusiveness.

Q: Having performed at Ani-Summer Inzauma Rock Fest this year, what other venues overseas do you guys want to perform next year?

Kenji03: We hope to perform in a Singapore Rock Festival.

Q: How do you feel about some of your new singles being used for some of the new Gundam openings?

Kenji03: Gundam has been a very old anime in Japan (35 years), Me and my parents were watching it when we were young – so it makes it a sort of traditional anime – so having performed 3 songs for 3 seasons of Gundam, we feel very honored.

Q: Out of all the anime/games songs that BACK-ON has performed, which one do you like the most?

Kenji03: I guess it would be Chain from Air Gear. Since it was our 1st anime main theme song we were in charge of, so it was the first time BACK-ON was heard throughout Japan – that is why I feel emotionally attached to the song.

Q: When you are not performing or recording, what do you like to do in your free time, as in your hobbies?

Kenji03:  Unlike the rest, I don’t do much gaming. Recently, I haven’t told all the other members, but I recently bought dogs (laughs), so I’m quite absorbed with them (a poodle and a chihuahua).

Teeda: I keep classic bikes, so riding them is by hobby.

Shu: I  watch Netfilx dramas, especially dark stories or suspense.

Gori: I like reading manga and build Gunpla and play games and sleep.

Q: You said you like building Gunplas, so what type of custom Gunpla would you like to build; like in the Gundam Build Fighters anime?

Gori: The most strongest.

Q: What type of weapons?

Gori: Nukes probably.

Q: What sort of anime or games would you like to sing next?

Kenji03: Hmm which one.. hmm.. I guess one anime which I would really like to sing for at least once would be Dragon Ball.. Its really the sort of traditional anime so I would really love to make a song for it.

Shu: How about One Piece? Yeah, One Piece.

Q: You have performed songs for many genres, which of these genres shows off BACK ON the most?

Kenji03: Regardless of what kind of genre we create songs for, we put in a lot of effort, as creators, creating a song from scratch. But we like anime and games which appeals to us creators – so we create our songs for anime and games with our soul put into them.

Q: How did BACK ON meet?

Kenji03: Originally, we were all friends, and back in our hometown, we were all from different bands, performing at the same place, then we felt like creating original songs, so we began to form the band eventually.

 Q: You are performing at Yokohama Event tomorrow, so how do you keep up with the schedule?

BACK ON: Our manager arranges that (laughs).

Manager: They like to do as much as possible.

Q: What are your favorite artist?

Kenji03: My favorite band is 1975, from UK.

Teeda: My favorite band is Rolling Hill, and the Fujis.

Shu: My favorite band is Lemons from US.

Gori:  I’ve recently been listening to Taylor Swift, because she is cute

Q: As performers and songwriters, what are your considerations when writing music?

BACK ON: We want to write more songs for idols, so we can make more money, so we can come back to Singapore to perform, and double that money.

Q: You have performed twice in Singapore, before AFA 2015, what are your current impressions on Singapore’s fan base?

Kenji03: The last two times was showcases rather than a live, this time is our first live, so we are looking forward to it very much.

Q: Is there anything you like in Singapore?

Kenji03: Orchard Road (laughs), I love shopping there.

Teeda: Clark Quay, especially the G-max reverse bungy.

Shu: The scenic view of the night in my last hotel – I liked the the view from it.

Gori: The last time I was in Singapore, the hotel had three apples. They were great.

Q: What are your future plans for 2016?

Kenji03: Produce more albums or maybe perform solo lives in Singapore.

The interview was a considerably insightful look into J-rock and was thoroughly entertaining to both the interviewers and the members of BACK-ON.

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