Bushiroad unveils Anime Festival Asia (Singapore) Exhibitor Participation and Spring Fest 2016

Anime Festival Asia (Singapore) Exhibitor Participation

With what is almost unaminously considered to be the largest anime and Japanese-medium entertainment convention in Singapore, the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) held at the Suntec City Convention Centre from 27 – 29th November drawing close – to less than a week from now – TCG publisher Bushiroad announced preliminary details of their exhibitor participation in the convention through their newly-released Vanguard-centered Cardfight Column on their English Cardfight!! Vanguard website.

During the convention, Bushiroad will open a booth at the A48 location of the convention grounds, unveiling a combined Cardfight!! Vanguard G & Love Live! English Fanbook will be unveiled. The Vanguard side of the magazine comprises character bios and interviews with the team behind the now-current Cardfight!! Vanguard G, including franchise creator Akira Itou, and a peek into the upcoming Cardfight!! Online.


As depicted above, the fan-book will include promo cards for Vanguard and Love Live! set in Weiss Schwarz for use in the English version of the games. In addition,  the book includes a unique code to unlock a free pack within Cardfight!! Online, an online version of Vanguard to be played through the Steam client on the PC. It was previously confirmed to have a release during the holiday season of 2015 but has since been pushed back to the early part of 2016, as announced on the game’s official Facebook page. A limited beta test will be conducted before the official release of the game.

As can be inferred from the code’s magazine distribution, this could subsequently become one of the mediums of distributing digital cards in this freeware game. Other fans have speculated the game being free-to-play – with cards obtained by buying sealed products in-game using in-game-cash or premium currency, or possibly through codes for digital cards being bundled with physical Vanguard products.

The magazine will be sold publicly after its AFA debut.

As with previous conventions such as Chara Expo held at the Singapore Expo and their own official tournaments, they will be carrying official Touken Ranbu and Love Live! goods at their event, and will also provide a tutorial for a newly announced TCG, Luck and Logic.


L&L is one of the newer and hype-previewed TCG to Bushiroad’s arsenal of physical TCGs, the last being Future Card Buddyfight unveiled in 2013 and released publicly in Japanese and English in early 2014. Several existing players of Cardfight!! Vanguard and other Bushiroad TCGs across the interwebs have expressed mostly positive and curious reception towards the preliminary details of this game, which is already receiving pre-orders for its base set.

J-Network will provide coverage on Bushiroad’s participation in AFA and L&L subsequently.

Spring Fest 2016

In the same column article, Bushiroad announced their major tournament series for 2016, the Bushiroad Spring Fest 2016, conducted for Vangaurd, Weiss Schwarz and Buddyfight.


During the lead-up to the Regional Qualifiers from February to July, players of these games can participate in local shop tournaments to earn promo coupons to exchange for promo cards in the higher-key parts of the Fest. The Regionals will lead up to the Continental Championships in June to July. Locations and the next batch of tournament details be revealed in December 2015.

Interested participants can keep abreast of the Fest at its event page on Bushiroad’s official English site.

Source: Bushiroad Official English Site, Genesis Frontier FaceBook Page, Cardfight Column

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