EGOIST releases 6th Single ‘Reloaded’ featuring Main Themes for Project Itoh

As we approach the airing dates of the last anime movie, ‘Genocidal Organ‘, of noitaminA‘s highly anticipated ‘Project Itoh‘, following the successful airing of ‘The Empire of Corpses‘ last month and in conjunction with the recent airing of ‘Harmony‘, EGOIST – which had been assigned the task of providing the main theme songs of the three movies – recently released their sixth single entitled ‘Reloaded‘ which is now available for purchase worldwide on iTunes.

It has been a year since EGOIST first collaborated with noitaminA, having performed the ending themes for PSYCHO-PASS (“Monster without a Name” and “All Alone With You“) and PSYCHO-PASS 2 (“Fallen“).

Additionally, needless to say, no EGOIST work is complete without redjuice‘s illustrations. The physical editions of ‘Reloaded‘ come with an elegantly illustrated cover done by redjuice.


Reloaded‘ also comes in two editions. The limited edition comes with a DVD containing a music video.


It is also noteworthy to mention that two weeks before the initial release (11th November) of the single in Japan, the Akihabara branch of GAMERS conducted a countdown to the single’s release. On 11th November, Akihabara GAMERS declared the day to be ‘EGOIST Day’ and conducted a raffle for people who purchased the new single to have a chance to obtained signed posters and other limited edition goods.

The event was met with such an overwhelming response that at that one moment, a massive queue of almost a thousand EGOIST fans formed, effectively flooding Akihabara station with EGOIST fans.

All Images ©SonyMusicRecords

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