NHK To Celebrate Nana Mizuki’s 15th Anniversary With 77-Minute Programme

nana mizuki

Ask anyone today who is familiar with the Japanese music scene who Nana Mizuki is and chances are, you’ll get an affirmative reply. Indeed, she is the most well-known voice actress in Japan, and her album and single sales clearly reflect that status. The 35-year old singer, songwriter and seiyuu has even been crowned the “Queen of Anisong“, a testament to her success and talent.

For those who have been around for long enough, though, Nana Mizuki was not always the big household name she is today. Under the King Records label, she released her first single “Omoi” under her own name all the way back in December 2000. The single only peaked at 184th in the weekly Oricon charts. Fifteen years since, Nana Mizuki has multiple releases under her belt which have earned her the honour of topping the Oricon charts repeatedly. Her stature in contemporary Japanese culture is such that she was appointed to be the first Tourism Ambassador of her hometown, Niihama, in Ehime Prefecture.

It is thus fitting that NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai – translated “Japan Broadcasting Corporation”) BS Premium, Japan’s leading satellite channel, will be launching a 77-minute programme featuring the prolific singer-seiyuu come the 6th of December this year, exactly fifteen years after the day she released “Omoi“. The duration of this programme is a deliberate pun on her name, Nana, which also means “seven”. Her accompanying band during her regular concert tours, Cherry Boys, will also make an appearance in this special programme. Fans who wish to see her perform any specific songs can go to her official website to submit a request, and this feature will be open until the 18th of November (this Wednesday).

We at J-Network congratulate Nana Mizuki on her successful career thus far in the Japanese voice-acting and music industry.

Sources: Crunchyroll, Nana Mizuki Fan Page, Nana Mizuki Official Website

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