Gundam Cross War’s Official Support in Singapore Commences

Earlier in October 2015, the official Facebook page of Bandai Carddass South East Asia (BC-SEA) trading card game Gundam Cross War will have its app version released on 28th October 2015, with BC-SEA providing official support for the game in Singapore

Various toy and hobby shops in Singapore have since started carrying their products and tutorial sessions were conducted for interested attendees at the GameStart gaming convention, held at Halls 401 and 402 of the Suntec Convention Centre, with a promo card distribution campaign for trying out the game at the event and for buying sealed products.

From left-to-right, top to bottom:

From left-to-right, top to bottom: Booster Box whose random card pool comprises 159 different cards, the 2 initial Starter Decks, each with 60 cards, a sleeve pack, promo cards Casval’s Gundam, Char Aznable and Z’Gok (Source: Bandai Cardass South East Asia Official FaceBook Page)

For purchasing 1 Starter Deck, 5 Boosters and 1 Booster Box, a buyer is entitled to 1 Char Aznable, 1 Casval’s Gundam and 1 Z’Gok promo respectively.

The sealed products were released in Japan earlier in late October 2015 and shares many similarities with the a previous Bandai TCG property, the recent Dragonball IC TCG with game lore and flavor matching the space-military-combat theme of the Gundam universe, in which players deploy mecha from the Gundam universe, depicted as cards in their main Mobile Suit Deck with buffs from pilot, crew and Event cards in battle. J-Network has written an explanatory review of the game earlier in October.

Both games are hybrids with physical and mobile-app versions, and share similar resource accumulation and battle systems. Minor differences, such as damage calculation and Cross War’s inclusion of a Character Deck separate from the main Mobile Suit set the two otherwise-similar casual TCGs apart.

According to BC-SEA, the app is scheduled for a release in early November, though as of the point in time of writing, 15th November, it has not been released yet due to technical difficulties forcing a delay of the release. Once the game goes live, players can import their physical collection onto the online version of the game to play on their smart devices.

Announcement on the English site

Announcement on the English site

Interested players may read up the full instructions of the game on the English site or refer to the tutorial video in Japanese with English subtitles. They may also visit the official Japanese Cross War site.

Source: BC-SEA Official FaceBook and Cross War English and Japanese Official Sites

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