Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride To Victory unveils playable protagonists and their VAs, other features

It previously announced through a September issue of Famitsu that the third 3DS game for Cardfight!! Vanguard, Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride To Victory is currently in the works scheduled for a 16th January 2016 release in Japan.

A recent update on the game’s minisite unveiled the playable protagonists. Following the tradition of the previous 2 games, the protagonists are original characters that players can select between based on their gender and personality preferences. The cast is much bigger this time round, with a total of 10 characters. The characters and VAs (from left to right in each image), their catchphrase and personality are as follows.


Keisuke Izumi (VA: Yuusuke Kobayashi)
“Fine. I’ll be your opponent.”
Always cool and thoroughly-prepared, Keisuke calmly aims for victory during fights.

Yui Sakura (VA: Yuu Serizawa)
“Umm! I’ve a good feeling about this!”
An energetic and bright girl who can instantly put smiles onto the faces around her. She always tries her best in her fights!


Atsushi Tachibana (VA: Nobuyuki Hiyama)
“As always, I’ll go all out today!!”
The younger brother of Kazuya Tachibana, a character from previous entry in the series. A hot-blooded boy who always dashes forward headlong. Of course, he is always in extremely high spirits during fights!

An Kusakabe (VA: Rumi Ookubo)
“I’ll do my utmost best!!”
The younger sister of Rin Kusakabe, a character from previous entry in the series. While she is more meek compared to Rin, she is still as strong-willed as her sister. Even for fights, she aims to handle them with an empowered grace.


Masato Hyuuga (VA: Mamoru Miyano)
“I’ll show you what its like when I’m serious!”
A bright and cheerful boy. He fights alongside his precious cards the way he cares for his friends more than others.

Kirara Hanashima (VA: Reina Ueda)
“Let’s try to have fun with this fight.”
Fluffy and always cares for others. This is a personality which she brings even to fights by facing her opponents kindly.


Ryuuto Hyoudou (VA: Noriaki Sugiyama)
“I can see it, the path to victory…”
He usually emits a cool atmosphere, but during fights, his Eight-Grader Syndrome goes full throttle, unfolding a heated fight. He is rather strange young man.

Yukino Mizuki (VA: Rina Satou)
“Don’t expect me to go easy on you, ok?”
An intelligent girl who possesses a leadership qualities that moves those around her. Similarly with fights, along with her cards, she will face any opponents without fear.


Aki Narukami (VA: Yuto Suzuki)
“I guess its showtime”
Always down and seemingly uninterested in anything. He usually doesn’t show any emotions but will he let out the passionate heart hidden within during fights?!

Alice Amane (VA: Inori Minase)
“Hm…? ……You want to have a fight with me?”
A mysterious girl who appears to blank out frequently. During fights, however, she challenges her opponent with a high tension, one that others cannot anticipate merely from her looks.

The game also promises “to make wireless fights smoother” and also includes the Extreme Fight Format, a format in the physical TCG in which players can build decks combining multiple clans together, adding a much greater degree of customization and unpredictability to a game that otherwise limits players to using only one clan per deck. In addition, there will be an option for the player to declare the “Final Turn” catchphrase when he is confident that he is able to win the cardfight that turn, and if he does, extra rewards will be earned.


The lastly mentioned feature resembles the declaration of riichi (reach) in Japanese mahjong. Final Turn is a catchphrase declared by characters in the anime series when decide to use their most powerful effects and resources in that turn as a final offensive when they ascertain that they are sufficiently confident to win the game that turn. It’s akin to declaring a checkmate in chess or the “todome” (the winning move) declaration in the Duel Masters OCG.

The website has also declared that most card sets released in the physical TCG up to Comic Booster 01: Vangaurd and Deletors will be included in the game. The Fighters’ Collection 2015 and the Clan Booster, Commander of the Incessant Waves, as well as all subsequent sets will be excluded from the game. The Touken Ranbu Title Booster is also excluded, presumably due to copyright complications with their proprietary owners as a cameo clan in Vanguard.

Source: Stride to Victory Official Site
All images courtesy of Stride to Victory Official Site

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