‘Boku no Hero Academia’ Anime Adaptation Confirmed, Key Visual and Horikoshi Kouhei’s Comments Revealed

Just yesterday, it was announced that ‘Boku no Hero Academia’, an action manga published in Weekly Shounen Jump, is to receive an anime adaptation.

Boku no Hero Academia’, created by mangaka Horikoshi Kouhei, takes place in a world where 80% of the world’s population comprises of people with special powers, and tells the tale of a boy who has no special power at all but nonetheless aspires to be a hero who fights against evil.

Around a year has passed since the manga made its debut and was serialized on July 2014. As of now, the series has sold over 2 million units, and has since been crowned by many as “Jump’s Kingship” having manifested its array of rich characters and meaningful storytelling.

In conjunction with the announcement made, confirming the anime adaptation was a key visual displaying the main characters Midoriya Izuku, and the No.1 Hero Allmight:


The visual was accompanied with a sketch by the author of the series, Horikoshi Kouhei, in which he expressed his comments:



Anime Adaptation!!

Ever since I was a child, and even now, I’ve always had the fantasy of having the characters I drew come to life on the television screen. Finally, that dream is going to be a reality! I send my best wishes to the anime production team. And to all readers, let us wait together!     Horikoshi

Holding the reins of the animation production will be Studio bones, which has received critical acclaim for the anime ‘Kekkai Sensen’ which ended recently.

More details on the airing date and voice casting for ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ is planned to be released on the anime adaptation homepage. Meanwhile, the site had also announced that the sixth volume for ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ went on sale recently (4/11) and told readers to look forward to the seventh volume (to be released in February 2016) which will have a limited edition packaged with an original sound drama CD.

Source: heroaca.com
Images courtesy of heroaca.com
Translations by Kuuin

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