Genesis Frontier unveils upcoming Dreadnought Festa and WIXOSS Party in Singapore

Singaporean tabletop gamers have been picking up anime-based trading card games (TCGs) rapidly in recent years, especially after the Bushiroad hype train of ChaOS, Weiss Schwarz and Cardfight!! Vanguard pushed swing in the early 2010s. Dreadnought and WIXOSS are two new anime-based games that have caught on, with decent support through unofficial shop tournaments from owners with strong faith in the game and some official tournaments thus far.

The next big thing for locals are two exclusive events for each game organized by their local distributor, Genesis Frontier. There will be a WIXOSS Party on 12th December 2015 at the Suntec City Convention Centre, which can be inferred to be comprise possibly of a main tournament complemented by several side events:

Teaser designed by Genesis Frontier

Teaser designed by Genesis Frontier

The week after, the new Dreadnought TCG will have its first national-scale tournament in Singapore in the same convention centre, the Dreadnought Festa.

Event information ad, designed by Genesis Frontier

Event information ad, designed by Genesis Frontier

Festa will be the high-key competition for competitive players due the mechanics of the local league system. Currently, organized play is conducted in a seasonal league over the past few months, in which players can take part in shop tournaments at official shops to earn league points recorded by Genesis Frontier, with Festa will provide much more points than past shop tournaments. The 8 players with the highest tally of league points from the preceding shop tournaments will gain 2-round byes during Festa.

The winner of Festa will represent Singapore in the World Championship held in Japan.

The prize payout for the Top 4 is relatively heavy for a very new TCG that currently only has 2 Starter Decks and 2 Booster Sets, although this card pool will be joined by a 3rd and 4th Starter Deck and 3rd Booster Set a fortnight before the tournament. These may affect the meta-game seen during Festa.

TCGs are a staple to most anime and gaming conventions in Singapore, as such players often make it a point to check out the booths of their games at conventions. With the largest anime and Japanese entertainment event in Singapore, the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) held at the end of November at the same Suntec City Convention Centre, these two TCG events might just be the thing to ameliorate their post-convention withdrawal symptoms and gear up their competitive, professional spirit for these games.

Genesis Frontier is the official distributor of most contemporary anime-based TCGs in Singapore. In addition to the above titles, they also handle games like Cardfight!! Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz, and are in charge of tournament support, premium gift exchange and other forms of organized play for most of the games they carry – in addition to a separate figurine-import service they conduct.

Readers may stay tuned for more updates on these events at Genesis Frontier’s official Facebook page.

Source: Genesis Frontier Official FaceBook Page
Featured Image edited from Too Many Card Games

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