English Version of Neko Atsume Released on Android and iOS


Readers who are huge fans of those furry feline creatures will certainly look forward to the recent announcement that the very popular Japanese mobile game “Neko Atsume“, which allows its players to collect as many as 45 cats and look after them, has already been out on Android and soon will be released on the iOS too! The Hit Point produced game was originally only available in Japanese, but the language barrier did not stop fans from enjoying the game on an international level – the Japanese version received 5.5 million downloads.

It does not come as a surprise then that the idea for such a game originated in Japan – a country where cats have traditionally been held in high regard and considered to be symbols of good luck.

Says project manager for Neko Atsume, Yutaka Takazaki: “When we made the game we weren’t thinking about foreign users — we were only thinking about the Japanese audience [so] it’s very helpful that the community is helping each other out.” He adds, “The game is designed in such a way that players do not have to take too much time or energy (to play it), nor be a hardcore gamer.

Prior to the game’s release in English, users all around the world created online guides providing helpful tips to players and translating the Japanese text within the app. With this release, therefore, one can only expect the game to become more popular than ever. Meow!

Download the English release of “Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector” on Android and iOS today!

Screenshot depicting English version of Neko Atsume

Sources: IB Times, Boing Boing, The Verge

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