Artiste Lineup for Act Against AIDS 2015 Anisong Edition Announced

This year end, we can expect to witness another set of prolific anisong stars performing for the annual “Anisong AAA Concerts” organized by the Act Against AIDS non-profit organization on the 1st of December, World AIDS Day. Act Against AIDS was established in 1993 to promote awareness on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) amongst the Japanese public, collaborating with entertainers and enlisting the use of music, games and other forms of media to fulfill this purpose.

The lineup for this year’s AAA concert to be held at Zepp Tokyo was announced by record label Lantis on their official website and comprises of big names in Japanese anisong: JAM Project, Yoko Ishida, GRANRODEO, Kenichi Suzumura, ChouCho, milktub and Hiroko Moriguchi. The venue will open its doors to the public at 5.30pm, with the concert itself beginning an hour later at 6.30pm. Act Against AIDS‘ 2015 installation will mark the fourth volume of anisong-themed concerts launched under the organization. Of note, all artistes will perform an acoustic set, giving audience members yet one more attractive reason to attend this concert and contribute to its cause.


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