Curious new website Dekopin Bijo allows users to tease Japanese girls’ hair

The novel and bizarre side of Japan always finds her ways to find us eccentric ways to bond with and fantasize with make-believe girls and girls with artificial personalities, especially when it comes to the world of anime, idol and girl culture. One of the most recent additions to this tools of make-believe is the newly-launched interactive site Dekopin Bijo (デコピン美女). 

Its interface extremely simple: a fullscreen video of a girl,

16185561 - Copy

in which hovering your cursor over her forehead causes her to turn anxious in anticipation…

16185561 - Copy

while clicking on the hair ends off by triggers an astonished reaction and brings up a menu in which you can select from one of two other girls to tease.

16185561 - Copy - Copy

The selection can also be accessed through the drop-down menu on the right.

16185561 - Copy

From left to right. Based on the file descriptions, these girls are named Suzuki, Mayuron and Moriharu respectively.

It is admittedly a very simple, yet weird, application without a concrete purpose, and lacking a proper motive, perhaps just a site to champion the dekopin trend of flicking a girl’s fringe as a form of tease or endearment. Our guess is as good as yours, for no explicit purpose or affiliation to the depicted models and other media is stated on the site.

There have been other instances in Japanese entertainment that put fans and on-screen idols or models together in awkward situations, such as the time when drink fruit punch producer Kagome’s drink put up videos of 25 AKB48 members drinking their Yasai Ichi Nichi Kore Ippon (野菜一日これ一本) fruit punch for fans to fantasize drinking along with them…

16 of the 25 available drinks the awkward wota can drink with (Source: Supermerlion)

16 of the 25 available drinks the awkward wota can drink with (Source: Supermerlion)

…albeit with some awkward expressions from members who can’t seem to stomach the drink well.


For wota looking for a longer term experience in a similar vein, they might be interested in contributing to a new crowdfunding project launched earlier in August to replicate the gravure-idol-turned-singer Ai Shinozaki into an artificial-intelligence-pun-incarnation of herself, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Shinozaki, with a targeted funding of 6 million yen.

Key visual for AI Shinozaki (Source: Tokyo Girls' Update)

Key visual for AI Shinozaki (Source: Tokyo Girls’ Update)

This app supposedly allows users to ask a virtual Shinozaki questions with a reasonable amount of realism and sensibility in her replies as depicted in this preview video, though at present, her mouth movements are extremely distorted…

Nevertheless, diehard fans of the Shinozaki and the daring can learn more about the project from its official site, which also details the various incentives for donations to the project.

Source: Rocketnews, Supermerlion, AI Shinozaki official site

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