Mamoru Miyano to Sing Ending Theme of Ajin TV Anime

Prolific seiyuu-singer Mamoru Miyano will be performing the ending theme song for the television anime adaptation of the Ajin- Demi-Human series, where he plays the character Kei Nagai. It has also been confirmed that the series will premiere mid-January next year with a total of 13 episodes.

The series is based off a manga by Gamon Sakurai which features immortal beings known as “ajin” (demi-humans), lending the basis to the title. Miyano‘s character Kei Nagai is killed immediately in an accident but subsequently revived, with a bounty placed on him and forcing him onto the run. The TV anime adaptation and the anime film trilogy will remain unchanged, in which the first film “Shōdō” (Impulse) will be available for a two-week screening in Japan on the 27th of November, to be shown in thirty theatres.


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