Black Butler to Get Theatrical Film Release!

Over at the recent MBS Anime Festival which boasted appearances from big-named seiyuu and musicians such as Flow and Ali Project to name a few, an exciting announcement was made that would satisfy fans of Kuroshitsuji  (ENG: Black Butler)!

Black Butler is set to receive a theatrical film release. Not to be confused with the live-action release which was released last year, this film will be animated and so far, Maaya Sakamoto and Daisuke Ono who voice act as Ciel and Sebastian respectively have been announced to reprise their roles in the movie.

A Twitter post from the anime’s official Twitter acocunt has also confirmed this announcement!

Aside from casting details however, details have been quite sketchy. An official website for the movie has been released though. In addition to this announced theatrical film release, Black Butler has also seen OVA  and anime adaptations, a live action adaptation and even a stage musical adaptation on top of it.


Featured image credits to Yana Toboso


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