ClariS X Kiki & Lala Collaboration Single’s Cover Art Revealed Alongside Live Tour Details

While Sanrio’s iconic duo, Kiki and Lala (Also known as Little Twin Stars) may not be as dark and edgy as the world of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, it is still undeniable that the duo is absolutely charming! ClariS, the anonymous duo that provided all the theme songs to the acclaimed Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, will be teaming up with Sanrio’s Little Twin Stars for a collaboration single!

The collaboration single, titled Prism, is slated for release on 25 November 2015 in conjunction with the fifth anniversary of ClariS and the 40th anniversary of Little Twin Stars. The cover art has already been revealed, as seen below.


The members of ClariS themselves are drawn in the style of Little Twin Stars too! The track list is as follows:

3.セピア (Rom: Sepia)
4.Prism -Instrumenatal-

Not only that, ClariS is set to go on their live tour, held mostly at Zepp livehouses in three major cities in March 2016. The dates are as follows:

6 March 2016: Zepp Nagoya, Aichi

12 March 2016: Zepp Namba, Osaka

19 March 2016: Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo

20 March 2016: Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo

All shows will start at 6p.m. with the exception of the final show at Zepp Tokyo which will commence at 5p.m. Fans who have attended ClariS’ first live will know that the duo performed behind a veil, appearing as silhouettes and wearing masks to conceal their identities when the veil was off-stage.

Featured image credits to Otohiko Takano

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