PV reveals Digimon Linkz Smartphone Game Mechanics

On 29th September 2015, Bandai Namco Entertainment uploaded their first Digimon Online PV (デジモンリンクス第一弾) onto their official YouTube channel previewing the exploration and battle mechanics of their upcoming Japanese smartphone game Digimon Linkz, scheduled for a Fall 2015 release on the iOS and Android OS.

The video depicts the isometric interface of the farms players can build structures on to ranch their Digimon, and a short snippet of the turn-based 3v3 battle with sample attacks. As with most contemporary anime-oriented smart device games, the game follows a free-to-play model with microtransactions for in-game items.


Also part of this norm, there seems to be an energy-limit system that limits the number of exploration and combat-encountering actions as seen in similar games as hinted by a Stamina bar on the top-left-hand corner of the screen, which refills at 1 point every 3 minutes.


The game also has at least 2 currencies, a normaland what can be inferred as a premium currency (perhaps used for gacha) that can be obtained through in-app purchases, as displayed on the top right hand corner:



Agumon interacting with a pebbled tile in the player’s “farm”


Battle appears to be turn based, with each turn enabling each Digimon to use a basic Attack and 2 special attacks that consume the user’s AP, the mana equivalent in this incarnation of the digital world, as well as a fourth “Activate” option.




The game is currently conducting preregistration. All registered users will receive a free V-mon in-game should it reach 10’000 registered users during the course of this preregistration campaign.


Official artwork of V-Mon from Digimon Adventures

Official artwork of V-Mon from Digimon Adventures


With more and more anime franchises jumping onto the mobile game adaptation bandwagon, Digimon fans can expect to experience their Taming adventures with their digital pals on the go very soon.


Readers may sign up for preregistration and stay tuned for more updates on the game at its official website (in Japanese).


Source: Anime News Network, DIGIMON LINKZ Official Website

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