Bushiroad Finalizes Lineup for WGP/BWCS Singapore, Announces Interactive Events for Cardfight!! Vanguard in 2016

Bushiroad World Championships and World Grand Prix

It’s the half of the year since competitive players of Bushiroad’s trading card games put their skills to the test on the international stage in the Bushiroad World Championships (BWC) for the English versions of their TCGs and the corresponding World Grand Prix (WGP) for the Japanese versions. For the Singapore leg of the tour, to be held next weekend on 10-11th October 2015, the local distributor of Bushiroad products, Genesis Frontier has revealed more finalized details for the tournament.


Event flyer distributed by Genesis Frontier

As shown in the flyer, fuzichoco (藤ちょこ), an illustrator well-known among Vanguard players for illustrating the game’s mostly female-dominated clans and archetypes from the Bermuda Triangle and the Angel Feather clans as well as the Witches archetype, has been announced to be the guest artist to grace this event.

Similar to past Bushiroad events and anime conventions such as the Chara Expo, players who purchase a minimum amount (usually above S$10) worth of TCG products from on-site hobby-store-vendors will stand a chance to receive an autograph from the guest illustrator for Vanguard or Buddyfight.

Attendees of the event can also look forward to the English premiere of the 4th volume of Future Card Buddyfight manga and purchase exclusive Vanguard and Shirokuro card supplies.



Vanguard Kuji

In other Bushiroad-based news, Vanguard’s Japanese merchandising side will be having a kuji (lottery) contest next year in February in which fans can try their hand at participating stores for an MSRP of 650 yen. This was announced on the Japanese TCG site Critical2 on 2nd October 2015 . Interested retailers can order the set for 44’200 yen at Japan Network.

The prizes, mostly themed after the Bermuda Triangle clan of units and the characters of the current G-era timeline of Vanguard, are as follows:

A Prize: Teams TRY3 Playmat( 2 per box)
B Prize: 38x53cm Bermuda-Triangle-themed Big Size Pillow featuring previously-unreleased artwork (2 per box)
C Prize: Bag based on deck box design (6 per box)
D Prize: Glass Cup (10 per box)
E Prize: Plastic Strap (24 per box)
F Prize: Folders (have 24 per box)
“The Last Get” Prize: Bermuda Playmat (New picture)
“Double Get”prize: Full set Plastic strap

In addition, players who draw an A-F Prize are entitled to a Promo card, two of which are new cards from the Bermuda Triangle and Gear Chronicle clans, and the others being reprints of existing cards.

More Vanguard events leading up to its 5th anniversary celebrations in Japan unveiled through Tokyo Game Show

The year 2016 will mark the 5th anniversary since the release of the physical TCG in Japan in early 2011, which, according to the announcements made during the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) convention and the TGS release-and-announcements page of the official Japanese Vanguard website, sees “a lot of ongoing design and planning underway” to commemorate this milestone. The events are geared mainly towards fans residing in Japan.

The production team of the side-story manga Mini Vanguard will collaborate with Animate Cafe Kitchen Bar Ikebukuro to feature a Vanguard-themed original menu with limited-edition non-edible goods, available from 7th December 2015 to 11th January 2016.


Key visual for the collaboration as depicted on its minisite on Animate

In later half of January, there will be the Dai-Vanga Matsuri (Great Vanguard Festival). Special Entry tickets for the event will go on sale starting 14th January 2016.


There are also plans for a Vanguard stage play in the same month:


In the light of what is upcoming, Cardfighters versed with the Japanese side of the multimedia franchise have much to look forward to during this quarter and the next as their favourite TCG celebrates its 5 seasons of anime and corresponding releases in its physical game.

Source: Genesis Frontier Official FB Page, Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Japanese Site, Animate

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