Sailor Moon Crystal To Get New Episodes Based on Death Busters Arc

Following two successful arcs, the remake of Naoko Takeuchi’s iconic manga Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal will be having its third installment! This announcement was made on the franchise’s 20th anniversary project site.

The third arc of Sailor Moon Crystal is set to follow the plot line of the Death Busters arc and for fans familiar with the series, this means that the rest of the Outer Senshi will be introduced in the new episodes! The teaser image for the new arc, which depicts Sailor Neptune’s mirror and Sailor Uranus’ sword also hints at their upcoming appearance.

It will definitely be interesting to see if Megumi Ogata might reprise her role as Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenoh or if the entire cast for the Outer Senshi will also see a major revamp as it did for the Inner Senshi. Will Sailor Saturn/Hotaru finally get her own transformation sequence as well?

However, no specific air date or period has been given so far. In the mean time, fans can also look forward to the stage musicals which will be performed in Osaka from 2 October 2015!

Featured image courtesy of Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary’s Official Website


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