Cardfight!! Vanguard to Revive Old Cast in Season 6; Third 3DS Game Releases January 2016

The 13-18 September issue of weekly Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has announced the upcoming release of the third 3DS game for Cardfight!! Vanguard, Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride To Victory, due for a release on 16th January 2016, with further information added on the official website created for the game shortly after.

The trilogy of the Vanguard 3DS games developed by Furyu are based faithfully off the physical Cardfight!! Vanguard!! trading card game (TCG) published by Bushiroad for players to participate in a retelling of the anime storyline in using cards identical to those in sets from the physical TCG, with the ability to play against human opponents in multiplayer.

Following the regular naming conventions, the game will feature the titular Stride units featured in the existing G-era expansion sets, as well as those with the Legion mechanic that have yet to make their video game appearance. The story will follow the current 5th season of the Vanguard anime, though characters from the past seasons of Vanguard will also appear in the game. Thus far, it has been revealed that the three primary characters of the first season of the Vanguard anime, Aichi Sendou, Kai Toshiki and Ren Suzugamori will make an appearance in the game.

Interface and demonstration of the Stride process

Interface and demonstration of the Stride process


Interface and demonstration of the Legion process

Concurrently, Ren and Kai will also be returning to the anime in the 6th season of Cardfight!! Vanguard, GIRS Crisis as Legendary Fighters in which participants of the G-Quest, central to this season, attempt to gain the title of Clan Leader to advance the motives of the clans they represent. Other characters who will return are Leon Soryu, Naoki Ishida and Miwa Taishi , in addition to Kamui Tatsunagi and Ibuki Kouji who were already carried over to Season 5 from Season 4.

The game retails for 5980 yen (tax inclusive) and will include 5 promotional cards for use in the physical game. These cards, of which three have been previously released as promotionals for buying Booster boxes, are used to pay the cost of Stride.


In addition to access to most expansion sets released up to the point in time of the game’s release, Lock on Victory also has exclusive Trial Decks that enable players to start playing with clans not featured in Trial Decks in the physical game, creating challenges for more advanced players. The multiplayer mode is also touted for having an AI to continue on behalf of a particular player should he be disconnected from the 3DS’s Wi-Fi instead of abruptly ending a match, a common problem to Wi-Fi-based multiplayer console games.

Although the Vanguard anime and physical TCG have been translated into English since late 2011, these RPG games have not yet seen a North American release. What seems to be the digital equivalent for English-speaking players is a to-be-released free-to-play online game, Cardfight!! Online, which can soon be played through the Steam gaming platform on the PC. This game last made an announcement in August, which confirmed their green-lit status on Steam.

Source: Famitsu, Stride to Victory Official Site

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