Assassination Classroom’s Second Season Confirmed!

Yusei Matsui’s hit manga series, Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu), which spawned an anime adaptation and even a live-action movie adaptation that was screened in selected Asian countries over the past summer will have a new season to its anime adaptation!

The exciting announcement was just made today on the 44th volume of Weekly Shounen Jump published by Shueisha. The second season of the anime adaptation is set to be aired in January 2016, seven months after the last episode of the first season was aired.

Animation studio Lerche, which also worked on the original season, will return for the production of the second season.

It would be interesting to see which chapters of the manga Lerche will adapt this time round, considering that the manga’s next volume will be released next week and with over 150 chapters to adapt into the animated platform.


Key visual belongs to Lerche

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