Painters: HERO Stage Show adds AKB48’s Haruna Kojima as “Special Supporter” and Collaborator in their Lineup

On 24th September 2015, the official site of Painters: HERO announced that they have added Haruna Kojima from idol group AKB48’s Team A to their lineup. She is a “special supporter” who will appear in their 2016 programme.


Painters: HERO is a male quartet of live mime artists who perform real-time painting challenges, usually depicting traditional Japanese figures and mediums, on a 4-dimensional canvas with tours that have taken them to America, Europe, China and South-east Asia. Their show in Tokyo next year will run from 24th March 2016 to 3rd April 2016 comprising a total of 16 public performances at the Zepp Blue Theatre Roppongi


According to the site’s recent update, Kojima will contribute to the show as “a unique and profound avant-garde artist who creates her own drawings” in addition to her regular singing, modelling and acting field as part of the 48 groups franchise and solo artiste.

According to her comments section on the site, the PV advert about PAINTERS depicted parts of the quartet drawing cats and tigers, which in part, inspired Kojima “to also draw a tiger” during her turn in the live show.

“However, this show also made me remember the feeling that everyone must have had experienced before – the sheer fun of drawing.” she eventually reasons.” To me, this is a show which genuinely has fun with art.”

“Being able watch it in Japan makes me really excited, and since it will start in the middle of the spring break, it will make me happy to experience being in the theater together with everyone else, ” commended Kojima.

Ticket prices for the performance go at 6800 yen for adults, 3500 yen for students and 3000 yen for children aged 3-12 years old.

Readers may view promotional videos of Painters: HERO ‘s past performances in their Official YouTube channel’s Uploads or visit their official website to get a clearer gist of the group’s art and performance style.

Source: Painters: HERO Official Site, AKB48 Daily

Images taken from Painters: HERO Official Site

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