‘MACROSS DELTA’, New TV Anime to be Announced 29th October

Yesterday (25/9), the newest entry to the popular Macross series had its first key visual released upon the announcement of its official title, ‘MACROSS ’ (Macross Delta).


This release marks the return of the hit combination of transforming robots, love triangles and awesome music which had made the original Macross series highly popular – this fact was made very apparent by the overwhelming response of eight thousand contestants who had participated in the audition for the anime’s heroine-cum-lead singer role which ended in January this year.

The key visual displayed on the Macross series’ official site depicts two soaring jets reminiscent of the series’ iconic Valkyries along with the caption 撃墜せよ (Fire!). The visual also announces that the production team will conduct a live broadcast on 29th October at noon (GMT +9).

The broadcast will feature series’ director Kawamori Shouji together with the champion of the audition, and will announce the main staff, characters and various other details regarding the new installment. Details of the broadcast will be released on a later date on Macross.jp.

~ Kuuin
Source: Macross.jp
Images Courtesy of Macross.jp

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