EGOIST Proves That A Live is Indeed Worth A Thousand Pix

EGOIST’s second live appearance in Singapore, and first solo concert in Singapore, ‘A Live is Worth A Thousand Pix’, was held at the National University of Singapore’s University Cultural Hall, at 7 pm, with the doors opening at 6.30 pm. The concert really proved that enjoying a live concert performance by EGOIST’s chelly, is definitely an experience to be treasured, with her singing a rather wide variety of her songs.

At 7.05 pm, the lights began to dim and the audience cheered and waved their glowsticks as we were treated to an opening cinematic from the anime ‘Guilty Crown’, the first anime in which EGOIST’s chelly lent her vocals to. At the end of the cinematic, chelly’s virtual avatar appeared, and the first number, ‘The Everlasting Guilty Crown’, the second opening to the anime ‘Guilty Crown’, began in earnest. A fast song, it definitely pumped the audience up, and we even began chanting ‘Hai!’ a bit into it, although we still remained seated. As that ended, a few seconds were taken to catch our collective breaths, and the second song, ‘Ame, Kimi wo Tsurete’, started and was followed by her third song, ‘Lovestruck’, at which point a few members of the audience began to rise out of their seat, and also began singing along for a while.


After her third song, she did an emcee section, where she addressed the crowd directly in English, greeting the audience, saying that this was her second time in Singapore and telling us all that she could actually see the audience. After that, she asked who attended her first concert in Singapore, during Anime Festival Asia 2013, and seemed shocked by the number of hands which greeted her. She then told the audience that she couldn’t wait for everyone to have fun together, followed by a ‘Let’s go!’, which was enthusiastically met by the audience, and her next few songs began. The songs in this set, ‘Kimi Sora Kiseki’, ‘Euterpe’, ‘Kanadenaru’, and ‘Planetes’ were mostly slower, and those in the audience that could change the colour of their lights generally did so, to blue, so as to match the theme. After this set however, something odd happened – the audio feedback suddenly increased to deafening levels, before just cutting off.


After her second set, the concert came to an abrupt halt for unknown reasons that became clear quickly. Soon after the abrupt halt, the audience was addressed by chelly, who informed us that, due to technical difficulties, the concert would be temporarily put on hold, while they attempted to fix the issues. It was during this time that chelly held an impromptu emcee section with the audience again, having numerous interactions with them. Some of those that really stood out to us was when she talked about her schooling life, a bento of chicken rice, Singaporean curry, the various countries her audience came from and durians. The last one prompted a fan to shout “I’ll follow you!” when she pondered about trying a durian, to which her response was a humorous “Hang in there, stalker-san!” which drew laughter from the audience. Eventually they were able to get the sound system working again, and the concert continued at roughly 8.15, around 30 minutes after the unexpected pause.

This set kicked off with a quick cinematic from ‘Psycho Pass’, and chelly reappeared, this time having changed her wardrobe from her Guilty Crown outfit to a black dress, and she began singing the song ‘Namae No Nai Kaibutsu’, the first ending theme to that anime. By this time, after the unexpected intermission, the audience was restless and really got into the concert from this point on. The next song that followed was ‘Fallen’, the second ending theme to ‘Pyscho Pass’. The next few songs, however, were not from ‘Psycho Pass’, but instead from her upcoming single ‘Reloaded’, which will be released later in November this year. Specifically, the next song of this set was ‘Reloaded’. After she sang it, she held an emcee section, during which she introduced the song she just sang and informed that the audience that ‘Reloaded’ will be used as the ending theme of the 2015 anime movie ‘Gyakusatsu Kikan’ (translated as ‘Genocidal Organ’). She then ended the emcee section by telling us that this song would be released in the upcoming single ‘Reloaded’ and followed up with a slower song, ‘Ghost of A Smile’, and continued by a third song belonging to the single, a jazzier number known as ‘Door’, which chelly told us in our interview with her is the song she has enjoyed singing the most so far, due to its atmosphere and jazzy tune.


The set continued with the songs ‘1.4.2’, from the single ‘Fallen’, ‘elbadaernU’, from the single ‘All Alone with You’, and ‘Suki to Iwareta Hi’, from the exclusively digital single which it shares it name with. By now, almost everyone in the audience was standing up and getting into the concert, with frequent ‘Hai!’ chants where appropriate and some singing along, and the concert hall was glowing blue and red from all the glow sticks and other light sources raised. The songs of this set truly varied in mood and tempo, ranging from heart-pounding excitement to slow, melodic reflection, and really showcased both ryo of supercell’s ability to compose songs and chelly’s vocal abilities when singing them.

Eventually, however, she sang the final song of the set, ‘All Alone With You’, the titular song of the album ‘All Alone With You’, which many in the audience sang along to, accompanied with some final, touching words that she had to leave after everyone’s had so much fun, and her black dress changed into a white dress as it ended. At its end, however, as chelly’s avatar disappeared, a few in the crowd began chanting “En-ko-ru!”, which was quickly picked up by others in the concert hall, and within seconds the entire audience was chanting for an encore. The demand for an encore lasted for a grand total of 5 minutes of ceaseless chanting, before being silenced by yet another cinematic, this time from the game ‘Bravely Second: End Layer’, after which chelly reappeared, this time in a more casual blouse and shorts, and began the encore, starting with the songs ‘Great Distance’ and ‘Last Song’, both from Bravely Second.


After these 2 songs, she did a quick emcee session, where she introduced the next song she would do, ‘Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities’, before the song began. Throughout this encore session, the audience were all extremely deep into the concert, singing along and having “Hai!” chants for what seemed to be once every few minutes, and with a more familiar, older song like Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities, the audience were able to keep up and get into the concert even more.

By the next encore song, ‘Lovely Icecream Princess Sweetie’, the audience were acting as an accompaniment to chelly, shouting the next line of the song every time she held up her mic towards us. She seemed especially more animated during this section, even running between the ends of the stage, prompting cheers and stick-waving from the audience of the side she was at. With the end of this song, she quickly introduced her last song, ‘Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~’.


Throughout the entirety of this song, the audience of the concert hall sang it with her, and it felt like chelly and the crowd were wishing each other a farewell, with the hopes of meeting again, as the audience really resonated with her during this number. As it ended, she addressed us one last time, seemingly holding back tears as she thanked us for being a great audience. She then announced that she’d be doing a concert in Shanghai, China, on 3rd October 2015, as a continuation of her first Asian tour, before the screen faded to black. As it ended, someone from the crowd shouted “Thank you for the hard work, chelly-sama!”, a sentiment most of us shared. A final message then appeared on the screen; a thank-you message from chelly, an announcement was made that there were complimentary signed posters and clear folders outside to be redeemed, and just like that, the audience began filing out of the concert hall.


This concert was truly an experience, from chelly’s handling of an unexpected technical glitch, to her humorous responses to unexpected audience questions. However, what will stay with us most would be her touching English greeting at the beginning, the tracklist which had enough variety of slow, melodic songs and quick, upbeat tracks to keep me always into the concert and not let any one section be too slow or fast that the audience begins to lose energy, and most of all the treat of 5 encore songs, most especially the atmosphere of the final song, Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~.


Track List:

  1. The Everlasting Guilty Crown
  2. Ame, Kimi wo Tsurete
  3. Lovestruck
  4. Kimi Sora Kiseki
  5. Euterpe
  6. Kanadenaru
  7. Planetes
  8. Namae no Nai Kaibutsu
  9. Fallen
  10. Reloaded
  11. Ghost of a Smile
  12. Door
  13. 1.4.2
  14. elbadaernU
  15. Suki to Iwareta Hi
  16. All Alone With You
  17. Great Distance
  18. Last Song
  19. Extra Terrestrial Biological Entiries
  20. Lovely Icecream Princess Sweetie
  21. Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~

Concert image credits to SOZO

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