BABYMETAL’s Nomination Video For MTV EMA Uploaded!

This year’s contenders for the coveted MTV Europe Music Awards (MTV EMA) as the Best Japan Act under the WORLD WIDE ACT Award are world-famous Japanese names from all sorts of genres ranging from metal to alternative rock. While the nominees were announced five years ago, one particular girl trio has uploaded their nomination video onto Youtube already!

The video depicts the three members of BABYMETAL seated down on a sofa,proudly their fans about their nomination to vote for them on the EMA’s official website! The video itself comes with English subtitles as well, making their words more accessible to fans outside of Japan!

Aside from BABYMETAL, the other Japanese acts that have been nominated for the award include SEKAI NO OWARE, Dempagumi inc., ONE OK ROCK and Sandaime J Rock Brothers. Fans wishing to vote for their favourite bands can vote here!

Featured image taken from MTV EMA’s Japanese website

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