noitaminA Reveals Anime Movie Teasers for ‘Project Itoh’

Just yesterday, animation studio noitaminA’s official website for their anime movie project ‘Project Itoh’ released to the public short teasers for the next two high quality anime movies ‘Gyakusatsu Kikan’ (Genocidal Organ) which airs 13th November, and ‘Harmony’ which will air in 4th December this year, following the first movie of the project, ‘Shisha no Teikoku’ (The Empire of Corpses) which will air on 2nd October in Japan.

Succeeding the studio’s earlier smash hit PSYCHO-PASS, ‘Project Itoh’ marks noitaminA’s next most prominent work which comprises three separate anime movies.

Project Itoh’ is based on the sci-fi novels of Itou Keikaku who passed away at the age of 34 in 2009, two years after making his debut with his full-length novel ‘Gyakusatsu Kikan’ while writing the novel ‘Harmony’. Itou also left the thirty word preface of his unfinished novel to his close friend, the Akutagawa Award winning writer Enjou Tou who completed the story as ‘Shisha no Teikoku’.



Gyakusatsu Kikan’ (Genocidal Organ) tells the story of an alternate universe in which America, faced with unending terrorist threats, constructs a complete information control system as a means to handle the disaster. In the same world, the strife between the other nations becomes more aggravated. US Special Forces Captain Clavis Shepherd is given a mission to find a mysterious American named John Paul who mysteriously appears when the coals of conflict glow and mysteriously disappears when dispute dies down. There is little clue as to what this enigmatic linguist could be doing in such troubled conflict zones or indeed, why he is there in the first place. Clavis begins his search mission in the Czech Republic, rumored to be John’s hideout. As he continues his search, he begins to unravel the terrifying truth concerning John Paul, who was once called the ‘King of Genocide’.



Harmony’: In a utopia guided by the ideals of kindness and ethics, three young girls chose death, making a suicide pact. Thirteen years later, the girl who could not follow through on the pact, Toan, catches a glimpse of humanity’s end.



Shisha no Teikoku’ (The Empire of Corpses) takes place in the 19th century, in a world where the technology to revive the dead was discovered and led to the utilization of reanimated corpses as labor. A medicine student from London, John H. Watson, fulfilling his promise to his late friend, Friday, decides to try illegally reanimating a corpse. The secret agency ‘Walsingham Institution’ comes to know of this, but orders Watson to continue his work upon realizing that he plans to reanimate not just the body but also the soul. That very idea that Watson worked upon was reminscent of a research note which Victor Frankenstein left behind regarding the experiment he conducted when he brought life to The One, a corpse who spoke like a living human. Together with Friday, Watson departs from London, marking the start of the grand adventure to regain Friday’s soul.


~ Kuuin
Source: Project-Itoh
Translations by Kuuin
Images Courtesy of Project Itoh

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