Lantis Announces DVD, Blu-ray Release of Kenichi Suzumura’s Manten Live 2015

Earlier this year, our reporter was at Kawaguchiko Stellar Theatre to cover both days (themed ‘~luna~‘ and ‘~sol~‘) of the Kenichi Suzumura “Manten” Live 2015 concert by prolific singer-songwriter Kenichi Suzumura, and many amongst the audience had an opportunity to witness Suzumura‘s longest concert since his debut.

Fans who wish to watch his stunning two-day performance in the comfort of their homes need wait no longer: Lantis has officially announced on their website that the DVD and Blu-ray editions will be available on  9 December 2015. Suzumura will be the planning director for this release and will co-produce the package, which includes videos of his collaboration with Kawaguchiko Station and “making-of” scenes behind the actual concert.


Featured image screencapped from M-On! TV’s footage of the concert

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