‘Subete ga F ni Naru’ – Anime Cast, OP and ED Details Unveiled

The Mephisto Prize winning mystery novel which has spawned manga, visual novel, and drama series adaptations – ‘Subete ga F ni Naru’ (‘Everything Becomes F’) was announced in December last year to be slated for an anime adaptation. Just yesterday, the official website for the adaptation revealed several details about the adaptation which will start airing on 8th October this year on FujiTV’s noitaminA late night anime block.

For those unfamiliar with this novel, it is known as the pioneer of the genre of ‘science mystery’. ‘Subete ga F ni Naru’ was authored by mystery writer Mori Hiroshi who made his debut with the novel’s publishing, which subsequently became a smash hit and sold over 3.9 million copies.


Saikawa Shouhei, voiced by Kasei Yasuyuki

The novel tells the tale of Saikawa Shouhei, an architectural engineering associate professor, who heads to a solitary island named Himakajima in the Aichi Prefecture as a part of his research expedition together with the daughter of his mentor, Nishinosono Moe. Installed on Himakajima is a research lab of the genius programmer Magata Shiki who had gathered numerous talented researchers to work with her on her research project, her unparalleled genius naturally making her the centre of the research activity.

Magata Shiki, voiced by Kido Ibuki

Magata Shiki, voiced by Kido Ibuki

However, the stigma attached to the murder she had committed in the past isolates her from the rest of the researchers. As Saikawa and Moe arrive at the lab, they find – within a room which no one should have been able to enter or leave – a corpse decked out in a wedding dress, with its limbs severed. Saikawa and Moe thus attempt to solve these confounding locked room mysteries that begin to rise one after the other.


Nishinosono Moe, voiced by Tanezaki Atsumi

Voicing the profoundly analytic associate professor Saikawa Shouhei will be Kasei Yasuyuki, and voicing the curious university student Nishinosono Moe is Tanezaki Atsumi. Taking the role of the genius programmer said to be ‘closest to God among all humans’, Magata Shiki, is  Kido Ibuki.


Additionally, the opening theme ‘talking‘ has been confirmed to be performed by the rock band KANA-BOON and the ending theme, ‘Nanahitsuji‘ by Scenario Art.

Here are some comments from the original author Mori Hiroshi about the adaptation, as seen on the official website:

“‘Subete ga F ni Naru’ is my fourth piece of writing, and my debut work as a professional author. At this point, it has been adapted into a game, manga, and drama, but this is the first time it will be adapted into an anime. I also had the pleasure of reading through the screenplay as soon as it was done. It adapts parts of the ‘Shiki’ (Four Seasons) series as well, and the script has everything depicted thoroughly. Moreover, the anime itself has its own unique setting, making it quite interesting. I really wanted to see the characters and artwork in motion. I shall look forward to it.”

Subete ga F ni Naru THE PERFECT INSIDER’ is being led by A-1 Pictures with Kanbe Mamoru (known for Elfen Lied) as the director, Oono Toshiya as the series organizer, and mangaka Asano Inio as the character designer.

~ Kuuin
Source: f-noitamina.com
Images Courtesy of 「すべてがFになる」製作委員会
Translations by Kuuin

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