‘Touken Ranbu’ Novel and Illustration Anthology Releases 14/9

According to KADOKAWA’s B’sLOG Bunko Alice publishing website, it will be publishing a paperback anthology entitled ‘Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Novel & Illustration Anthology ~Sakura~’, based on the wildly popular web browser game ‘Touken Ranbu(刀剣乱舞)’ by DMM and Nitroplus. This anthology will be released on the 14th September this year.


The Front Cover of ‘Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Novel & Illustration Anthology ~Sakura~’ illustrated by Kazuaki

The anthology is to be published as a part of the 13th anniversary project of ‘B’sLOG’, a monthly magazine about female oriented games (also known as otome games lit. maiden/girl games), and is the third publication to be released under the ‘Touken Ranbu’ media franchise.

Contributing to the anthology are, most notably, writers Ishida Rinne (of Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi (The Leftovers Princess and The Knight of the Round Table) fame), Onogami Meiya (known for Shinigami-hime no Saikon (The Death God Princess’ Second Marriage)), along with illustrators Kazuaki (StarrySky – they did the cover art for the anthology as seen above too), and Hanamura Mai (Amnesia). Of course, these are just a few distinctive names among many other talented writers and illustrators*.

A sample of the A3 Poster that comes with the book when purchased at 'animate'.

A sample of the A3 Poster that comes with the book when purchased at Animate

Purchase of the anthology at selected outlets will entitle the customer to either an A3-size illustration poster (for Animate shops only), or a deluxe illustration card. As each illustration card will vary in design from outlet to outlet, do check out the official website for more details so you can grab merchandise of your favorite sword-boy/s!

~ Kuuin
Source: bs-log.com
Images courtesy of B’sLOG Bunko Alice

*List of Contributors

Novel: Ishida Rinne, Onogami Meiya, Nakamura Tsubaki, Nishidai Moka, Mizusawa Nana, Zuiyama Itsuki

Cover Illustration: Kazuaki

Illustrations: Aoi Fuyuko, Aki, Asaki Touru, Itou Akito, Kumoya Yukio, Sakondou Eri, Samamiya Akaza, Sayo Ichi, Takayama Shinobu, Kamogawa Yaeko, Hanayama Mai, Harukawa 35 (Sango), Furuya Moko, Yamako

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