The Epic Love Live! X IDOLM@STER Collaboration’s Short Snippet Revealed

During the very recent Animelo Summer Live 2015 -THE GATE-, many Anisong stars ranging from TRUSTRICK, LiSA and Mamoru Miyano graced the stage, belting out their greatest hits for the year. While regular acts like Nana Mizuki and Yukari Tamura were not present this year, a surprise collaboration unlike any other took the otaku world by storm.

The cast of two huge idol anime franchises, Love Live! School Idol Project and THE IDOLM@STER took to the stage with a collaboration performance of Ready!!, which was used as the first opening theme to THE iDOLM@STER anime.

However, the epic collaboration was missed by those who could not secure tickets for the highly-sought after Animelo Event. Now, fans who did not get to witness this collaboration of epic proportions can finally witness it!

The daily morning show, Mezamashi TV which runs on FujiTV every weekday morning has recently showcased highlights from the concert that spanned over three days.

While the coverage of the special collaboration only lasted for 16 seconds, it is definitely easy to see why the otaku world went crazy over it! Will we have an actual IDOLM@STER x Love Live crossover one day following this unexpected collaboration? Who knows?


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