SCANDAL Reveals Short Version of Their Upcoming Sisters Single

The all-female rock sensation SCANDAL has recently announced on their LINE account that the short version of the promotional music video to their new single, Sisters, has been uploaded onto Youtube this morning!

The single will be released on 9 September 2015. As previously announced on their LINE accounts, the single will contain three tracks as follows:

  1. Sisters
  3. Sisters (Instrumental)

Sisters will also come in two editions, both with their own sets of goodies! The CD+DVD edition will come with a documentary film of their HELLO WORLD tour titled “Another Story” and will be priced at 1,528 yen (without tax). The other edition will contain the audio CD and a special photobook that will contain shots from the previous SCANDAL X NYLON (a fashion magazine) collaboration that took place recently for the first press edition. It will be priced at 972 yen without tax.

Fans of SCANDAL would know that Sisters was first performed during their SCANDAL MANIA LIMITED LIVE 2015 in conjunction with their 9th anniversary held on 21 August.


Featured image credits to SOZO

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