‘Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm’ Anime Adaptation Airs Winter 2016!

From the same game company ‘sprite’ that became renowned for its visual novel ‘Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate’ (Love, Election and Chocolate) and anime adaptation, comes another stellar work which had its anime adaptation confirmed before its visual novel was released last year: ‘Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm’ (The Four Rhythm Beyond the Blue, abbreviated as Aokana).

Shortly after Aokana’s release on 28th November last year, the game gained critical acclaim, clinching the grand position in the Moe Game Award 2014 as the overall Moe Game of the Year, with many reviewers of the game praising it for its heated, perpetually interesting story development and excellent aesthetics. It was only natural that it was decided that it ought to be brought to the screen as anime.


Aokana takes place in a world where flying in the sky is just as easy as riding a bicycle – with the invention of anti-gravity shoes. A brand new sport named ‘Flying Circus’ is created with this technology, about which revolves the story of girls who are devoted to this athletic endeavor.


A visual shared by the official Twitter account for Aokana’s anime adaptation, featuring the game’s heroines.

Leading the project of Aokana’s anime adaptation is director Oizama Fumitoshi (known for Etotama and Astalotte No Omocha!), series producer Yoshida Reiko (known for Yowamushi Pedal and Non Non Biyori), and animation studio GONZO.

While fans of Aokana have to wait for the adaptation air during the winter anime season in Japan next year, fans can still look forward to the the Playstation Vita version of the visual novel is slated for release in 2016, along with the incoming sprite LIVE 2015 being held this December at the event hall Differ Ariake in Tokyo.

~ Kuuin
Translations by Kuuin
Source: Aokana.net
Images Courtesy of sprite

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