CHARAPEDIA Users Rank Which Female Characters They Would Not Like to Mess With

CHARAPEDIA is at it again with their lists and polls that always ask rather interesting questions, be it who looks best in a swimsuit to what users think is the most underrated anime. This time round, the topic in question was “Which female anime character is the scariest when enraged”. Will we see a string of tsunderes topping this list? Let’s find out.

20. Roberta (Black Lagoon) [130 points]

19. Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun series) [157 points]

18. Sakura Mato (Fate series) [159 points]

17. Kagura (Gintama) [163 points]

16. Rena Ryugu (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni) [175 points]

15. Balalaika (Black Lagoon) [183 points]

14. Nami (One Piece) [184 points]

13. Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu) [194 points]

12. Miyuki Shiba (The Irregular at Magic High School) [209 points]

11. Hitagi Senjougahara (Monogatari series) [251 points]

10. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) [254 points]

9. Kotonoha Katsura (School Days) [258 points]

8. Shino Asada (Sword Art Online) [265 points]

7. Ran Mouri (Detective Conan) [269 points]

6. Ayase Aragaki (Oreimo) [279 points]

5. Sakura Haruno (Naruto Series) [ 283 points]

4. Riko Aida (Kuroku no Basket) [303 points]

3. Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online Series) [316 points]

2. Tae Shimura (Gintama Series) [461 points]

So, which female character in anime would be the scariest to face off when angered? A common trend noted in this list is that those who got into the top 20 had the following:

  1. The ability to kick some serious butt (be it through reality warping powers or just mastery over some sort of martial art/weapon)
  2. A dark side
  3. Lots and lots of interaction with male characters in their series’ universe
  4. Tsundere (for some of the characters)

With these trends in mind, who could possibly be the one female character that fans would be absolutely terrified to face off when they are berserk?

  1. Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki no Kyojin) [497 points]

With her naturally stern face, her ability to defeat Titans with such ease and of course, her protective tendencies towards Eren, perhaps it is little wonder why she topped this poll.

Interestingly, this poll was conducted with a nearly equal gender ratio with 50.7% of the respondents being female. We are rather surprised at the lack of Subaru from Mahou Shojou Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS and the absolute absence of any cast members of Love Live! School Idol Project in this list, considering its current popularity.

Will CHARAPEDIA come up with the male equivalent of this list? We will wait and see. Fans will also be interested to know that Asuna Yuuki of Sword Art Online topped the rankings on the male voters’ side while Mikasa merely ranked third for the males. For the ladies, Tae Shimura of Gintama fame topped their side but Mikasa was ranked second.

Featured image screen-capped from Nanoha Strikers S Episode 17.


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