V6’s “Super Very Best” Tops World Music Awards Weekly Charts

It’s a close for a week on the World Music Awards, with its final count concluded on 16th August – revealing that Japanese male idol group V6 topped the weekly charts with their compilation album, Super Very Best  which sold 152 490 pieces.

Album Cover

Album Cover

Super Very Best‘ commemorates their 20th anniversary and comprises the singles created since the release of their first album ‘Music For The People’, two decades ago. It comes in two editions, each consisting of 3 CDs and 1 DVD for 3800 yen. Readers may refer to the full set-list at the album page on V6’s official site.

Apart from being popular with fans of male idol groups and J-pop lovers, V6 gained much recognition from 90s anime fans with two of their singles, Change the World and Brand New World which were used as opening and ending themes to Inuyasha. In the first entry of post-revival era of Ultraman, Ultraman Tiga, V6 member Hiroshi Nagano played the human host for the titular giant hero, Daigo Umehara, and the group provided the said series’ opening theme, Take Me Higher, which is a Japanese cover of the eurobeat artiste and composer Dave Rodgers’ English single of the same name.

Source: World Music Awards, V6 Official Site

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