Kamen Rider GHOST: Cast, Staff and 1st Episode Details Unveiled

Speeding to television screens in Japan from 4th October comes ‘Kamen Rider GHOST’ which will soon succeed the currently airing ‘Kamen Rider DRIVE’.



With the hype for the series reaching ever high levels, TV Asahi and TOEI have published information regarding what this new installment is about, along with the talented cast and staff that will be presenting their work onscreen.



Kamen Rider GHOST: Tenkuuji Takeru, featuring Nishime Shun

The main character of the show, who transforms into Kamen Rider Ghost – the successor of Tenkuuji Shrine inherited from his ghost hunter father who passed away ten years ago. Tenkuuji Takeru is bright, carefree and rash, but he has a strong willed personality and is always straightforward. He loses his life trying to protect Akari and Onari from Ganma (a kaijin), but is brought back to life a Kamen Rider by the mysterious powers of Sennin.

However, he is only able to remain for 99 days. Should he want to remain alive, he is to collect the 15 Gankon (icons) and take up the path which his father had once took as a Ghost Hunter…

Tsukimura Akari, featuring Oozawa Hikaru

The heroine of the show – as Takeru’s childhood friend, she looks after him, treating him like her little brother. A university student studying physics, she is a true ‘Science Girl’ who has a firm belief that everything can be explained scientifically. But for Takeru, she decides to mould her beliefs to help Takeru with his ghost hunting.

Kamen Rider Spectre: Fukami Makoto, featuring Yamamoto Ryousuke

He is another Kamen Rider who is able to transform using the Ghost Driver. Like Takeru, he collects Gankon, but his purpose for doing so is not clear. He is Takeru’s polar opposite, having a cool personality and a logical framework of thought. Being a combat expert, as Takeru’s rival, he is one step ahead.

Onari, featuring Yanagi Takayuki

The chief priest of Tenkuuji shrine is Onari who deeply respects Takeru’s father, Tenkuuji Ryuu, and looks after Takeru who grows as a Ghost Hunter. As a devout spiritualist, he is always against the Science Girl Akari. While he is actually very serious, his spontaneity makes him a funny mood maker.

Mysterious Man, featuring Morishita Yoshiyuki

The man who supposedly pulls the strings to the summoned Ganma kaijin – he collects the Gankon icons for an unknown purpose and is one of the few who know secrets of the Gankon icons.

Aran, featuring Isomura Hayato

Aran is the person who works together with the mysterious man. He is not one of Mysterious Man’s lackeys but is more of a business associate. His origin and purpose is also shrouded in mystery.

Sennin, featuring Takenaka Naoto

Sennin is the mysterious uncle who revives Takeru. Knowing that Takeru has the Gankon Icons, he teaches Takeru about his “Fighting Destiny” which can be used as fighting power by assuming the form of Kamen Rider GHOST. He seems to know everything, but when things turn nasty, he a mysterious man who would feign ignorance and suddenly disappear.

Shibuya, featuring Mizoguchi Takuya

Narita, featuring Kanshuuji Reo

Tenkuuji Ryuu, featuring Nishimura Kazuhito

YURUSEN (Voice), featuring Yuuki Aoi



Screenplay: Fukuda Takurou

Director: Morota Satoshi

Kaijin Designer: Shimamoto Kazuhiko and Big Bang Project



1st Episode Information

The hero dies once and is revived!!

The young man dies on that day and is brought back as a ghost.

He only has 99 days before he disappears from the world yet again.

The only way he can continue to live: He needs to collect 15 of the Gankon Icons in which the souls of heroes rest.



Driving up the hype to new levels in Japanese forums with this new information is the stated contribution of Yuuki Aoi (most well known for voicing Kaname Madoka of Madoka Magika) who had before acted in Kamen Rider 555, and mangaka Shimamoto Kazuhiko, well known for the manga ‘Honoo no Tenkousei’, and ‘AOI HONOO’.

Kamen Rider GHOST will begin airing 4th October 2015 every Sunday morning in Japan’s TV Asahi from 0800 to 0830 (+9GMT).

~ Kuuin
Translations by Kuuin
Sources: TV Asahi, TOEI
Images Courtesy of TV ASAHI

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