SHAFT’s Magical Suite Prism Nana Project To Get OVA Release

The studio that brought you Puella Magi Madoka Magica has recently made an exciting announcement during Comiket 88 with regards to their other mahou shojou project, Magical Suite Prism Nana!  The project, which was initiated all the way back in 2012, will finally have its own seven episode OVA production. While this is old news, further details have been released as well.

The OVA (original video animation) series, titled MAGICAL SUITE PRISM NANA THE ANIMATION is set for screening on 29 November 2015 based on the details given on the official website.

What makes this OVA project unique is that each episode of the OVA will be helmed by different production teams with different directors, producers and animators working on each episode! From the official website, each episode also promises a different scenario, giving the production team working on each episode more flexibility and freedom in tweaking with the plot and script.

The cast for the project has been announced quite some time ago as well  and is as follows:

Eri Kitamura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s Miki Sayaka) as Kotone Oribe
Suzuko Mimori (LOVE LIVE School Idol Project’s Sonoda Umi) as Itaru Washioka
Asami Imai (Corpse Party’s Shinozaki Ayumi) as Asuka Asagi
Chika Anzai (Chaos Dragon’s Inori) as Mako Hiragi

The band Daisy X Daisy will be performing the theme song as well. Fans of Nana Mizuki may recognise the vocalist of Daisy X Daisy as her sister, Mika Kondou. With the unique format given to the production team, it would be interesting to see the seven scenarios that will be presented to the audience as well as the various art styles on offer too!

Fans wanting to catch a glimpse of what to expect for this OVA series can watch snippets of seven pilot promotional videos on the official website!


Featured image credits to Magical Suite Prism Nana’s official website

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