Nana Mizuki to Release Her 11th Album on 11 November 2015

The Queen of Anisong, famed seiyuu and record-breaking Anisong singer Nana Mizuki will be celebrating her 15th anniversary as a singer this year! Just recently at NANA MIZUKI LIVE ADVENTURE 2015 at Nagoya’s Nihon Gaishi Hall, Nana Mizuki made an announcement that sent the fans cheering for joy!

She will be releasing her 11th album in the coming months and the album itself has been slated for release on 11 November 2015. The album will come in three different editions – two limited editions and a regular edition.

Both limited editions will come with a special box packaging, a special photobook, the audio CD and a Blu-ray or DVD disc, depending on which edition is bought. Both video discs will contain bonus content which will be announced at a later date. The limited editions irregardless of video CD type will cost 3,600 yen.

The regular edition will cost 2,800 yen and will come with just the audio CD.

With a slew of single releases this past year, a new album was expected to be announced and now that a date has been given, fans have something to look forward to!

In the meantime, Nana’s fans can continue to keep updated with her current NANA MIZUKI LIVE ADVENTURE 2015 national tour which is still going on at the moment, with the final stop being held at Saitama’s Seibu Dome on 19 September 2015.


Featured image credits to KoePota’s coverage of Nana Mizuki Live Castle in Tokyo Dome article

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