Uta no Prince-Sama’s New THEATER SHINING Project Announced

Uta no Prince-Sama continues to give fans of the franchise new surprises every now and then. Just recently, a new website related to the series has gone live to promote a new aspect of idol life: movie roles. The new project, titled THEATER SHINING has a cinematic theme to it.

Not to be confused with the SHINING THEATRICAL TROUPE project of 2013-2014 where drama CDs of the idols in ‘theatrical plays’ were produced, THEATRE SHINING’s keyword is 映画 (eiga ENG: film).


According to the few details released on the website, all eleven members of STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT will be featured and split into four different teams. With an additional one more team announced for this project, it would indeed be interesting to see the new units and songs that would be formed from this project!

So far, titles and performer lists will be announced at a later date. The short message on the page ended with well-wishes, telling readers to ‘Please look forward to the idols’ success’. The format for this project and release date has yet to be announced too.

With 2015 being UtaPri’s 5th anniversary, this is definitely one project to look out for for fans of the series!

Translations by Astrid

All images screencapped from UtaPri’s official websites

SOURCE: http://www.utapri.com/sp/theatershining/

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