NEKOPARA Prequel Translation announced at Otakon!

Sekai Project has recently announced at Otakon that they will be translating and publishing NEKOPARA: Vol 0, the prequel to the popular visual novel NEKOPARA: Vol 1 that was released on Steam in December last year, which they also helped to translate and publish.

Set some time before the events of NEKOPARA: Vol 1, the game is slated to be released in Japan on 16 August 2015 during Comiket 88 in Japanese, and promises that one will “get to know Chocola, Vanilla and the rest of the gang on a typical day at home in the Minaduki household. Needless to say, things are less than normal…” The English version, however, still does not have an announced release date.

While a release from them was definitely expected due to the relative financial success of NEKOPARA: Vol 1 and a sequel confirmed to be in the works, details on the sequel have yet to be announced other than the fact that it will have a ‘touching mode’, and the rough release date of the fourth quarter of 2015.

Featured image credits to NEKOPARA’s official website


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